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HVAC Vacuum Pumps

Evacuation will always be the most important process for HVAC professionals to ensure the optimal performance and longevity of any refrigeration or air conditioning system for residential, commercial and automotive air conditioning. Before a newly installed system is charged with refrigerant or when an existing system has just undergone some repairs, evacuation is required. Sure the system will be pressure tested to ensure it is leak-free, but the next crucial step is to evacuate the system to remove troublesome moisture, air, trapped refrigerant and other non-condensable to prepare it for charging. What’s the most essential tool an HVAC technician needs to perform a system evacuation? An HVAC vacuum pump.

What is HVAC Vacuum Pump?

HVAC vacuum pumps play a vital role in system evacuation and dehydration. With many popular terms in the HVAC industry, an HVAC vacuum pump can also be referred to as an air conditioner vacuum pump, air conditioning vacuum pump, refrigeration vacuum pump, refrigerant vacuum pump, automotive A/C vacuum pump, or simply a vacuum pump. A vacuum pump removes moisture and other contaminants like air and nitrogen from the system. There are two ways to accomplish this: the deep vacuum method and the triple vacuum method. The deeper vacuum, the more moisture is removed from the refrigeration system.

What is HVAC Vacuum Pump Used For?

In any refrigeration system, there are two basic components: the oil and the refrigerant. Only these two components should be circulating in the system. During a refrigeration system repair service or potentially because of leaks from many years of operation, it is common for contaminants such as moisture, oxygen and nitrogen to mix with oil and refrigerant. These unwanted contaminants can affect the refrigeration system negatively, operate inefficiently, and can damage internal components. To preserve the overall health of the system, pulling a proper vacuum using a vacuum pump should be performed to remove any non-condensables and moisture.

Check out our blog post on how to correctly evacuate a refrigeration or air conditioning system with a vacuum pump.

How to Choose the Right HVAC Vacuum Pump?

When searching for your next vacuum pump, it is best to know the key factors you should consider to ensure you make the best decision. Whether you are looking to get a new vacuum pump or replace your old one, here are the most important factors you should take into consideration:

Ultimate Vacuum (Microns)

Determining the required vacuum level of the pump is the first crucial factor. The ultimate vacuum is the lowest stable pressure a vacuum pump can achieve. If you require deeper vacuum, you should look for a vacuum pump with a Factory Micron Rating of 15 Microns or lower. The lower the pressure, the more effective the vacuum pump is at removing air and moisture from the system.

Flow Rate (Litres/Minute, Cubic Feet/Minute)

Another important factor to consider when choosing an HVAC vacuum pump is the vacuum flow rate. The vacuum flow rate measures how much air the pump can draw from the system per minute. The higher the rating, the faster the evacuation process is completed given the vacuum hose setup. A high L/M or CFM rating means fast, thorough evacuation.

The recommended range for residential applications is 2 to 6 CFM. For commercial usage, the recommended range is 8 to 12 CFM. For systems with longer lines, the required rating is up to 10 CFM. Most evacuation hoses are designed for charging only and are not generally rated for deep vacuum. Be sure to check the hose as well.

Two Stage Design

A two-stage rotary vane vacuum pump cleans the system more thoroughly than a single-stage pump. Although the two-stage vacuum pump is at a higher price point, many HVAC Professionals prefer it as it gives the most effective vacuum. The second stage starts pumping at a lower pressure allowing you to achieve a deeper, ultimate vacuum.


Most vacuum pumps are rated between 1/4 and 3/4 HP pump power.

Oil Sight Glass

In every evacuation, high-quality oil is a key component. A sight glass on the front of the pump is a good feature for immediate visual oil analysis. The sight glass should provide clear visibility of the condition of the oil and the system specially during an oil change.

Portability and Durability

For HVAC Technicians working in varying job sites and conditions, it is also good to consider the vacuum pump’s size, weight, portability and durability. Some vacuum pumps will have die-cast aluminum housings to make the pump lightweight but still durable. Compact, lightweight and portable vacuum pumps with a strong sturdy base and a small footprint are easier to carry around plus you will still get the same features and performance as those heavy-duty models.

Find Your New HVAC Vacuum Pump Here

Cool Tools HVAC-R has a wide range of the best and most reliable vacuum pumps from top brands like Robinair, Fieldpiece, Mastercool, Javac and many more. Depending on your requirement, we offer vacuum pumps with best-in-class flow rates, two-stage, rotary vane vacuum pumps with a heavy-duty motor, factory micron rating of 15 microns for deeper, ultimate vacuum. If you are after lightweight and portable A/C vacuum pumps, we got you covered. Robinair VacuMaster 15151-S2 Vacuum Pump is a small size, compact vacuum pump and perfect for HVAC engineers to carry around any service jobs. We also have 18V cordless 2-Stage vacuum pumps that come with Milwaukee and Makita battery adapters.

Are you looking for an A2L Certified vacuum pump for R32 refrigerant? You will also find spark-proof, ignition-proof vacuum pumps in our range. Fieldpiece VP67, VP87 and VPX7 Vacuum Pumps are all A2L ready and suitable for A2L class refrigerants like R32, R1234YF, R1234ZE, R512A, 419B, 439A and others. Javac Bulldog VBD1622 Vacuum Pump and Mastercool 90066-220-BSF Vacuum Pump are also two stage A2L compatible vacuum pumps constructed with spark-free components.

When it comes to high-quality HVAC vacuum pumps from the best and most popular brands in Australia, Cool Tools has you covered. We offer air conditioner and refrigeration vacuum pumps at manufacturer-direct pricing, backed by a full manufacturer's warranty, and fast delivery to get you back on the job in no time. You will also find the best premium high-grade HVAC vacuum pump oil engineered with the finest grade, formulated for cold starts which makes it ideal for all vacuum pumps.

Check our range below.

Vacuum Pumps

CPS 2-Stage Spark Proof Vacuum Pump 144 L/M 6CFM VPS6DA


CPS 2-Stage Spark Proof Vacuum Pump 288 L/M 12CFM VPS12DAV


CPS 2-Stage Spark Proof Vacuum Pump 48 L/M 2CFM VPS2DA


CPS 2-Stage Spark Proof Vacuum Pump with Inlet Solenoid Valve 144 L/M 6CFM VPS6DAV


CPS BlackMax® 2-Stage Cordless Vacuum Pump Kit 48 L/M VPC2D-18VDCKIT


CPS Cordless Vacuum Pump 2CFM 48 L/M VPC2S18VDC-1


CPS Premium Vacuum Pump Oil 1-Gallon VPOG


CPS Premium Vacuum Pump Oil 946ml VPOQ


Fieldpiece 10 CFM R32 Two Stage Vacuum Pump VPX7INT


Fieldpiece 6 CFM Two Stage R32 Vacuum Pump VP67INT


Fieldpiece 8 CFM Two Stage R32 Vacuum Pump VP87INT


Fieldpiece Advanced HVAC Kit

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