No technology has ever been created that does not break after years of service nor were any machines that does not need maintenance and repair. This downside of tools and equipment brought the birth of repair tools. While some focus on designing and manufacturing machines to people’s convenience some are also busy brainstorming on what tools will be needed by these machines. Honestly, we should be equally thankful for both. The first made our life convenient the latter extend our convenience without the need of replacing those machines. This article will talk about a company that was born due to the need of repair tools.


Robinair is a company produced by evolution and recognizing market opportunities. It has been leading the service tools and equipment since the beginning of its existence. The Kent-Moore Corporation founded the Robinair in 1956 in Michigan. The original purpose of its creation was to design and manufacture specialized tools for repairing appliances. It got its name from the two Kent-Moore executives, Robinette and Adair. Since the creation of air conditioning system, its popularity continuously increases in both residential and automobile markets. As a promising company, Robinair did not stop but rather took a step towards expanding their product line. In just few years, Robinair got the most complete product lines in the HVAC/R industry.  

The Journey

In 1982, Sealed Power Corporation, now SPX Corporation, acquired Ken-Moore including its sub-company Robinair. Not long after, Rodinair got its biggest break when their refrigeration service vacuum pump product line rose to fame. Being known worldwide, made it even more successful in their following product lines. More than 10 years ago, when the environment concerns were at its peak, Robinair offered the first refrigerant recovery and recycling units. It was a game-changing for Robinair and made noise in the market. Since then, the industry’s best-seller has been Robinair-built units.

Today, Robinair, under Bosch Automotive Service Solutions, has been championing the service tools and equipment industry. It is headquartered in Owatonna, Minnesota. The company has been designing and manufacturing products to cater the needs in HVAC/R industry and mobile markets. It also expanded to the automotive, agriculture, and construction industries.

Service Promise

To those who have and is thinking to commit to Robinair, it assures you high-quality service and support. Robinair commits to bring nothing but the best in HVAC/R to their precious clients. They take the trust of their clients seriously and thus work hard to never compromise their trust.

Star Product

RG3 Portable Refrigerant Recovery Machine becomes the new standard of refrigerant recovery. There are various jobs where you will be in need of this product, from rooftop to marine HVAC system. RG3 is proud of its being user-friendly which makes it perfect for any residential and appliance recovery job. It is not only capable of recovering liquid and vapor refrigerant but it is also design to be durable enough to withstand the rough daily task and even extreme conditions. Beside its being compact and lightweight it is also an oil-less compressor. It can handle almost all common refrigerants and has a high efficiency cross-flow design. For safety, it has high pressure safety shut-off switch.