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Digital Vacuum Gauge

Whether a whole new HVAC-R system has just been installed or an existing system has just undergone repair work, evacuation is the next important step for HVAC technicians to perform before charging the system with refrigerant. This means pulling a vacuum deep enough to remove troublesome moisture and any non-condensable from the system.

Importance of Deep Vacuum

The vacuum pump removes unwanted moisture and other contaminants from an air conditioning and refrigeration system. Moisture alone can cause more problems in the system if proper evacuation is not done. Moisture circulating through the refrigerant can turn to ice crystals and freeze up in the system. Over time, this can result in corrosion which can cause serious damage to the system. Moisture combined with other contaminants in the refrigerant can produce acids due to chemical reactions. Acids greatly increase the corrosion of metal parts over time. Moisture and acid combined with vacuum pump oil in the system can result in sludge formation. Sludging greatly reduces the oil’s lubrication properties.

To maintain the overall health of the HVAC-R system, pulling a deep vacuum of 500 microns or lower is an industry-standard. A good quality vacuum pump removes troublesome moisture and other contaminants by lowering the pressure within the system down to a deep vacuum, vaporising (boiling off) the moisture. The deeper vacuum, the more moisture and non-condensable gasses are removed from the system and the best tool to accurately measure deep vacuum is a vacuum gauge.

The Right Tool For The Job  –  A Digital Vacuum Gauge

For HVAC professionals, the assurance of a deep vacuum on a system is critical. A digital vacuum gauge is a powerful tool to measure deep vacuum. The digital vacuum gauge accurately measures pressure in a vacuum and usually displays reading in Microns, PSI, mBars, Pascals, Torr and mTorr. Digital micron vacuum gauges provide quick, reliable and more accurate readings than analog gauges. Digital manifolds nowadays may include a built-in vacuum gauge for convenience but if there is a leak on hoses, valves, and other connections, the readings may become inaccurate.

Standalone digital vacuum gauges offer programmable audible micron alarm features with high and low alarm setpoints. This gives HVAC Technicians the freedom to move on to other important work and come back to the system when the audible alarm triggers and the light sensor flashes signalling the target vacuum. Wireless digital vacuum gauges provide flexibility to connect directly at the system port, even the hard-to-reach, awkward last spot to reach 500 microns. Smart wireless digital vacuum gauges seamlessly connect to downloadable Apps where Technicians can easily view readings and get notified on compatible smartphones or tablets when readings move beyond the predetermined value.

A good quality HVAC vacuum pump paired with a reliable, rugged digital vacuum gauge will make evacuation easier and faster no matter the work condition.

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Cool Tools HVAC-R proudly offers a wide range of proven quality vacuum gauges, durably constructed for everyday use and abuse. HVAC technicians can rely on our vacuum gauges for quick, accurate vacuum measurements every time in any field environment. If you are looking for a compact hand-held smart wireless digital vacuum gauge, you will surely find one that fits your need and budget. Are you after an R32 rated vacuum gauge? Cool Tools has you covered. The NEW Fieldpiece MG44 Digital Wireless Vacuum Gauge is A2L compatible.

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Digital Vacuum Gauges

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