Refrigerant hoses and couplings are fundamental tools for HVAC and refrigeration diagnosis, repair, and maintenance. Charging hoses are built to prevent leakage when using high-pressure refrigerants and can handle pressure bursts from 3000 to 4000 PSI for maximum safety. Cooltools HVAC-R has a varied inventory of high-quality charging hoses and couplings from the best brands like Mastercool, Imperial, Javac, and Robinair.

                We carry charging hoses in most connection sizes from 1/4”, 3/8” and 5/16“ and in various colours, including Red, Blue, Yellow, solid Black, or solid Yellow, depending on the model and type of hose. Mastercool charging hoses utilize Grade 5 materials, nylon barriers, and knurled brass nuts to offer outstanding reliability and durability. Simultaneously, Robinair has a selection of high-quality charging hoses with knurled coupler nuts and standard straight fittings. All Imperial Tools PolarShield® charging hoses are UL recognized and are compatible with all CFC, HFC & HCFC refrigerants. 

                We also carry automotive couplers from Javac, Mastercool, and Imperial to effectively diagnose or recharge your vehicle’s faulty HVAC system. The knobs are colour-coded for high and low connections.

                Cooltools HVAC-R offers competitive pricing, quick and hassle-free delivery, and top-notch customer service. We cater to all air-conditioning and refrigeration cleaning tools, measuring equipment, charging hoses, couplings, safety equipment, and refrigerant hose adaptors.

                Hoses and Couplings

                AccuTools 1/4″ SAE Micron Gauge Coupler S10695


                AccuTools 1/4″ x 1/4″ Core Depressor Tool - S10767


                AccuTools 5/16"F x 1/4"M Core Depressor Tool - S10903


                Accutools Hi Flow TruBlu Adapter Replacement Gaskets SA10868-1


                Accutools KF-16 Access Tee Connector S10749


                Accutools KF-16 Aluminum Clamp S10752


                Accutools KF-16 Replacement O-Rings SA10758-4


                Accutools KF-16 Stainless Clamp S10756


                AccuTools KF-16 to 1/2″ Female Flared Fitting Adapter - SA10789


                AccuTools KF-16 to 1/4″ Female Flared Fitting Adapter - SA10745


                AccuTools KF-16 to 1/4″ Female Flared Fitting Adapter - SA10788


                AccuTools KF-16 to 3/8″ Female Flared Fitting Adapter - SA10790

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