If you are looking for a service and repair company in the field of HVAC&R or doing research about it then you came to the right place. This article won’t be discussing list of companies in the HVAC&R industry rather this article aims to give information about the considered number one HVAC&R tools supplier in the United Kingdom, JAVAC



JAVAC has been consistent in prioritizing its clients’ needs by ensuring that they fully understand and deliver products meeting their customers’ business requirements. They had their framework for business and manufacturing guidelines written in their quality procedures manual. This allows them to not just meet but exceed the strict requirements of industry regulators. Although JAVAC claimed that their goal is not to just meet the standards but also to meet the needs and wants of their clients.

They have been working in a continuous review and improvement of their quality system making sure that they are not slacking in maintaining compliance with the highest quality management needs. JAVAC also gives emphasis on healthy working environment making sure that its employees will have an environment that promotes teamwork, reliability, innovation, and quality work.


Keys to their success

  1. Quality products/services

- Rest assured that JAVAC produces nothing but high-quality products and has complied with ISO 9001-2008 standards. JAVAC also expands its scope to installation solutions for vehicle air conditioning and refrigeration equipment.

  1. Experienced staff 

-At JAVAC they have the UK’s premier service and repair facility. They always make sure that their facilities are manned with fully qualified engineers to provide expert advice and immediate help.

  1. Long experience
  • JAVAC is a UK based family run company that has been servicing the HVAC/R industry since 1964.
  1. Wise Partnership 

-JAVAC and Spectroline partnership is a game-changer in the HVACR industry. Spectroline exclusively allows JAVAC to distribute its products in the UK. Spectroline® invented fluorescent leak detection in 1955, and today they are the world’s leading manufacturer of ultraviolet equipment and fluorescent materials. JAVAC is proud to stock a wide selection of their best-selling products, from Cool Seal™ to leak detection kits. Their OEM approved fluorescent dyes are co-solvent free, NSF certified, and can safely remain in HVAC/R systems finding future leaks.

  1. Innovation and flexibility 
  • JAVAC has been pursuing innovation and are flexible enough to tailor a solution to whatever your needs are.


Star Product “INFICON D-TEK Stratus Refrigerant Leak Detector”

The D-TEK Stratus is a featured-packed hand-held unit that can perform the tasks of multiple tools. It is superior in leak detection with a cloud hunting capability of a portable monitor. It can quickly locate the area and pinpoint the leak using the large, easy-to-read LCD. D-TEK Stratus is definitely the next big thing in refrigerant leak detection.

Today, when you think of quality products in the HVACR industry it is difficult not to mention JAVAC. They are also backed by the highest level of servicing support. Since its inception in 1964, the HVACR industry has never been the same. They have been championing in vacuum and refrigeration products, designing and building their own brand of recovery and vacuum products for the refrigeration industry.