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The first step in diagnosing weak cooling, insufficient airflow, water or refrigerant leaks, and faulty electric controls is testing and measuring the system during operation. And with that, you need the right tools and equipment to get the job done the first time around. Cooltools HVAC-R has an extensive lineup of testing and measuring equipment for any air conditioning and refrigeration repair job. Check out our inventory of the best air conditioner testing and measuring equipment from the most trusted brands in the HVAC-R industry.

Suppose you need to monitor long-term storage temperatures in modern refrigeration equipment. In that case, Cooltools HVAC-R has you covered with our array of temperature and humidity data loggers and wireless Bluetooth testing probe kits. Need a specific thermometer for a specific application? We also offer dual-input thermometers, infrared thermometers, differential thermometers, and smart HVAC thermometers.

Cooltools HVAC-R is home to the industry’s best refrigeration manifolds and smart probes that allows for effortless and precise measurement needed for comprehensive and professional evaluation and correct regulation of a refrigeration or air conditioning system. Replenishing the system with refrigerant demands a digital or wireless scale to charge the system with utmost precision. Cooltools HVAC-R has a comprehensive inventory of digital refrigerant scales from Fieldpiece, Javac, Mastercool, and TIF.

We carry multiple arrays of electrical testing equipment, including clamp meters, ranging sticks, multimeters, lead kits, non-contact voltage testers, swivel clamp meters, and more. Cooltools HVAC-R is home to modern Testo air meters to monitor indoor air quality and airflow. If the HVAC or refrigeration system is consistently low on refrigerant, Cooltools has the best leak detectors from Javac, Imperial, Robinair, Mastercool, Fieldpiece, and Testo.

Cooltools HVAC-R helps you get the job done. We offer competitive prices, fast shipping, and friendly customer service for all your air conditioning and refrigeration needs.

Test and Measurement

Javac Pro Charge 3 100kg Digital Refrigerant Scale C12626


Fieldpiece Manual Ranging Expandable Stick Multimeter HS33


Fieldpiece 4-Valve Wireless Refrigerant Manifold SM480vINT


Fieldpiece Dual Input Temperature Meter Type K ST4


Javac 2-Valve R410a R32 Manifold with 90cm Hoses JAVA66336


Javac 2-Valve Multi-Refrigerant R134a Manifold with 90cm Hoses JAVA64336


Fieldpiece Refrigerant Leak Detector Kit Heated Diode Sensor - SRL8


Fieldpiece TRMS Combination Mini Clamp Meter - SC260


Testo 557s Smart Vacuum Kit – Digital Manifold, Vacuum and Clamp Temperature Probes, Hose Set 0564 5572


Javac Automotive Air Conditioning A/C Starter Kit AASPAK

$3,494.50 $3,621.42

Fieldpiece Digital Refrigerant Scales 50KG - SRS1


Fieldpiece 2-Valve Wireless Refrigerant Manifold SM380vINT