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What is a Refrigerant Charging Scale?

Any air conditioning and refrigeration installation and maintenance jobs will not be successful without a precise refrigerant charging scale. Refrigeration scales play a vital role in accurately measuring the weight of liquid or gaseous refrigerant recovered from or charged into a refrigeration system. HVAC Technicians rely on the refrigerant weighing scale to determine the amount of refrigerant that should be added to the system. A/C-R systems must be properly and accurately charged with refrigerant. Otherwise, the system will be either undercharged or overcharged.

Undercharged System

The compressor relies on the refrigerant to remove the heat and cool your space to achieve the desired indoor comfort. When the refrigerant level is low, the refrigeration system starts to lose its cooling capacity as the compressor becomes ineffective in removing heat. It causes the compressor to overheat and worst case, get damaged. One sure sign that refrigerant is at a low level is if you notice frosting on the evaporator coil or refrigerant lines.

Overcharged System

When the system is charged with too much refrigerant, the refrigerant passes through the evaporator too quickly. The system becomes inefficient at converting between refrigerant's liquid and gaseous form and more liquid refrigerant is flooding the compressor. It causes the compressor to work harder, increasing pressure on the system and eventually fail.

Why Use a Refrigerant Scale?

The refrigerant scale displays the progress of refrigerant recovery and charging in real-time, letting the HVAC Technician know precisely when to stop and shut the valve to prevent undercharging or overcharging the refrigeration system. A digital refrigerant scale is a must-have tool, and it is important for HVAC Technicians to own the best high-precision refrigerant weight scale to get the job done right.

There are several common methods on how to recover and reclaim refrigerant. Keep in mind that all refrigerant must be weighed in and out and keep a record of when and where it was used. 

What to Look For in a Refrigerant Scale?

Refrigerant weight scales have different types and varying levels of precision. It is best to know what you should look for when purchasing a professional refrigerant charging scale to ensure you make the right choice. Take a look at some of the important ones below.

Weight Capacity

One main thing to check when choosing a refrigerant or freon scale is its maximum load capacity. HVAC Technicians should look for the best one that can accommodate any charge or recovery requirement. A refrigerant scale with a 50 kg maximum weight capacity would be enough for most residential and light commercial jobs. For larger commercial jobs, look for refrigerant scales with a 100 kg weight capacity or more. These scales can surely accommodate even larger refrigerant tanks.

Accuracy and Resolution

Look for a refrigerant scale with the highest level of accuracy under all conditions to ensure refrigeration systems get the proper and accurate refrigerant charge every time. Refrigeration weight scales provide readings for precision weighing of small charges in 1-gram, 2-gram, or 10-gram resolution increments. The resolution indicates the smallest increment that can be measured.

Ease of Use

With the right refrigeration scale, measuring refrigerant weight is quick, precise and convenient no matter the work condition. An ideal refrigerant scale must be easy to operate whenever you need it. Some refrigerant scales feature display modes in kilograms, grams, pounds and ounces while some offer Kilograms and grams only or pounds only or ounces only. The display should be easy to read from any angle in any working environment with a large high-visibility backlit LCD. For safe handling, look for a refrigerant scale with a textured rubber surface to protect the platform from impacts and bumpers for a stable grip especially with large tanks. Another thing to look for is long battery life.

Modern digital refrigerant scales offer wireless connection and operation with the manifold and an App on your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. This allows for flexibility to read refrigerant levels and log and document data anywhere on the job site.

Durable and Portable

Choose the refrigerant scale that offers flexibility for any Air Conditioning and Refrigeration service jobs. Whether you are on the rooftop for a large commercial job or in a confined environment charging a residential system, the refrigerant scale should be compact yet rugged, sturdy and water-resistant, handy, lightweight and easily transportable, well-engineered and ideal for the rigours of everyday service jobs in varying environments and conditions.

Get the Best Refrigerant Charging Scale from Cool Tools HVAC-R

Cool Tools offers best-in-class digital refrigerant charging scales from top brands trusted by HVAC Technicians for years. To provide you with a wide range of refrigerant scales, we have partnered with some of the leading brand makers such as Fieldpiece, TIF, Mastercool, Testo, Javac, Bosch, Hilmor, Accutools and many more.

Are you after a 50 kg or 100 kg capacity refrigerant scale? Don’t worry, we offer scales in different maximum load capacities! For 50 kg capacity, we recommend TIF 9010A Slimline Refrigerant Scale and Fieldpiece SRS1 Digital Refrigerant Scale. For 100 kg capacity, check out Javac Pro-Charge Digital Refrigerant Scale and TIF 9020A Slimline Refrigerant Scale.

Looking for a more modern smart wireless refrigerant scale? You will definitely find the latest top-quality scales here like Fieldpiece SR47 Wireless Refrigerant Scale, Testo 560i Kit with Digital Refrigerant Scale and Refrigerant Valve, Mastercool 98210-A Accu-Charge II Wireless Electronic Digital Scale and Hilmor RSWL220 Wireless Refrigerant Scale. For precise refrigerant charging using small refrigerant cylinders, we recommend the new Mastercool 98202 High Precision Charging Scale with a hex cylinder adapter for easy attachment.

With our vast selection of industry-leading refrigerant charging scales and manufacturer-direct pricing and you will surely find the right refrigerant weight scale for you. Order now!

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