Fieldpiece: HVACR Powerhouse


Anyone in the field of HVACR (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Recovery) would know of Fieldpiece. They have built their name for decades and has been maintaining a good image up to the present. Here are the basics of Fieldpiece.



Fieldpiece had a humble beginning at the founder’s garage in 1990. It grew bigger and continues to grow in the international market. Despite its achievement, Fieldpiece has been consistent with its mission: to make quality instruments available to HVACR professionals as trusted aid to doing more and better every day.

One of the main keys to success is to be consistently innovative by listening to what your clients need and wants. The evolution of Fieldpiece shows how they treasure the feedback from the professionals in the field and providing them the tools they need in solving their work problems. Engineering and product development are the focus of more than 25% of the Fieldpiece crew and more than half of the staff are knowledgeable, experienced, and certified HVACR technicians. What is better than making those who have been in the field be in-charge with product development.  They also help train HVACR professionals all over the country, and now, all over the world. This helps them continually improve their products and design innovative instruments HVACR professionals need to make their jobs easier, faster, safer and more complete.



Instruments for HVACR professionals are exclusively hand-held tested by Fieldpiece Instruments Design. Modular expandability was pioneered by Fieldpiece. This concept is where a single meter uses multiple slide-on accessory heads to test most parameters HVACR professionals use every day. Now, Fieldpiece is not only limited to modular expandability but also makes a wide range of instruments from scales, manifolds, system analyzers, detectors and more for HVACR technicians. They are now mainly dedicated to serve in the HVACR field. They create products that are packed with measurements needed by HVACR pros to get their job done and do it better. Examples of these products are superheating, subcooling, target superheat, Delta-T, relative humidity, leak detection, airflow, and many more.

Their latest wireless products create an amazing system where full system analysis, with live dynamic readings, can be done by HVAC pros from just one spot on the job site.  Every information that a technician might need such as evaporator reading, condenser measurements, is provided right in the palm of their hands.


Pros and Cons

Many agree that Fieldpiece products have good display, many refrigerants stored in memory, long battery life, and pretty much waterproof. Many happy customers also expressed their positive feedback towards customer service.


There are some instances when some customers mentioned how the products lasted shorter than advertised. Despite this, they still appreciate how well the products work before they broke.


Headquarters and Customer Service


The main headquarters of Fieldpiece is in Orange, California, USA, and is represented worldwide. In addition, Fieldpiece is proud of its world-class customer service.  Any distributors and HVACR technicians know that in case there is a need for technical assistance there is always a trained and ready Fieldpiece representative that they can call. Inquiries about warranty, instruments advice are can also be catered.  



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