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Uni-T Portable Appliance Tester (PAT) UT528AU
  • SKU: UT528AU

Uni-T Portable Appliance Tester (PAT) UT528AU

GST included.

    UT528AU Uni-T Portable Appliance Tester (PAT)

    Uni-T UT528AU PAT tester from Uni-T is now available and configured to AS/NZS electrical standards. The UT528AU is the new version of the UT527/UT528 PAT testing machine that conducts tests on Class I and Class II appliances, as well as extension, leads using a separate test sequence. Using a simple three-button operation the Uni-T is easy to use and handy for individuals who would prefer a simple PAT instrument.

    Uni-T UT528AU PAT tester carries out the basic required tests upon selection of the appliance type (Class I / Class II / Extension Lead) in an automatic test sequence and displays the readings and PASS/FAIL status at the end of the test. Aside from the basic test requirements the UT528AU PAT Tester also has the following features inbuilt:

    • Zero Earth Lead function: Used to zero out resistance built up within the earth test lead to avoid inflated Earth Bond readings as a result.
    • 250V Insulation Test option: In addition to the standard test voltage at 500V, a lower voltage of 250V can be selected. This is ideal when testing extension leads with surge protection.
    • 30m Long Lead Test: Activated when testing extension leads exceeding 30m in length. This increases the earth resistance allowance in accordance with guidelines for long-extension leads.

    Uni-T UT528AU is capable of testing all standard appliances fitted with a 240V plug and all standard 240V 13A extension leads and IEC leads. Using a low test current exclusively at 200mA  the Uni-T UT528AU is also safe for testing any IT equipment.


    • New Zealand / Australian Plug Lead
    • Battery-powered and lightweight
    • Easy 3-button operation
    • 250V/500V Insulation Test
    • Built-in mains socket connector
    • Inbuilt auto sequence tests
    • Low current earth bond test – Safe for IT equipment
    • Setting inbuilt for long extension leads
    • Lead nulling function
    • Additional setting for extension leads over 30m


    • UT528AU
    • Hard plastic carry case
    • Earth bond lead with probe
    • Crocodile clip
    • Earth nulling adaptor
    • 6 x batteries
    • 240V NZ/AU Adaptor
    • Neck strap
    • Operational Manual
    • 12-month warranty



    UT528AU PAT
    Basic Functions Measuring Range Best Accuracy Technical Parameters
    Insulation Resistance Measurement 0.20MΩ~19.99MΩ ±5%+2  Test Voltage 500V
    Test Current (R=500KΩ):>1mA
    Test Current Short Circuit   <3mA
    Testing Class-I Appliance 0.00Ω~19.99Ω ±5%+2 Test Current 
    >200mA ( R<2Ω )
    Test Voltage  5v DC
    Leaking Current Test 0.10~10.5mA ±5%+2 Test Voltage 50V rms,
    Test Frequency  50HZ AC
    Cord Test Correct Wiring √ GOOD
    Open Circuit, Short Circuit,

    Wiring Reversed

    × FAIL
    Phase Test Correct Wiring “LN√,LE √,NE√” AC220V±10% input
    Faulty Earth “LN√,LE×,NE×”
    Faulty Neutral “LN×,LE √,NE×
    Auto Power Off
    Low Battery

    General Characteristics
    Power 1.5V Battery (R14 orLR14) x6
    Display 136mm x 47mm
    Product colour Red and grey
    Product net weight 970g
    210mm x 178mm x 90mm


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