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Testo 890 Professional Thermal Imaging Camera Kit with Super Telephoto Lens - 0563 0890 X4
Testo 890 Professional Thermal Imaging Camera Kit with Super Telephoto Lens - 0563 0890 X4
Testo 890 Professional Thermal Imaging Camera Kit with Super Telephoto Lens - 0563 0890 X4
Testo 890 Professional Thermal Imaging Camera Kit with Super Telephoto Lens - 0563 0890 X4
Testo 890 Professional Thermal Imaging Camera Kit with Super Telephoto Lens - 0563 0890 X4
  • SKU: 0563 0890 X4

Testo 890 Professional Thermal Imaging Camera Kit with Super Telephoto Lens - 0563 0890 X4

GST included.

    The testo 890 thermal imager with super-telephoto lens means you are ideally equipped for professional thermography involving long measuring distances: e.g. for inspecting high-voltage lines – even the smallest of connections can be thoroughly checked from greater distances. You can also pinpoint hotspots on defective cells in large solar parks or visualize irregularities in large industrial plants (e.g. in refineries).

    • testo 890 professional thermal imager: resolution 640 × 480 pixels, upgradable to 1280 × 960 pixels with SuperResolution technology, thermal sensitivity < 40 mK
    • Super-telephoto lens with a 6.6° x 5° field of view for the accurate recording of extremely distant objects
    • Sequence capturing in the instrument a possible option, humidity calculation, SiteRecognition, panorama image assistant, JPEG storage function and other practical features


    All the important information about the testo 890 thermal imager with super-telephoto lens

    Testo 890 thermal imager:

    • Up to 307,200 temperature measuring points: a detector size of 640 x 480 pixels guarantees accurate detection. SuperResolution technology even boosts image quality to 1280 x 960 pixels
    • You can also choose to save thermal images as JPEGs
    • Process analysis package (optional): the combination of fully radiometric video and sequence capturing in the instrument enables wireless measurement and easier handling at the measuring location
    • The camcorder design with wrist strap, along with the rotatable, fold-out display, makes taking images considerably easier. This makes it possible for a wide variety of camera angles, as well as one-hand operation
    • Panorama image assistant: individual images are combined into a panoramic image as soon as they are taken. This means, for instance, that you can take thermal images of entire building shells without having to laboriously compile them or assess them individually
    • SiteRecognition technology: with similar measurement objects, the thermal imager identifies measuring locations immediately, assigns them automatically and archives them accordingly
    • Voice recording (as comments on the images) possible with headset which is included in the scope of delivery
    • Integrated digital camera with power LEDs: you can take well-lit, real images to go with every thermal image - making documentation and assignment easier
    • FeverDetection (optional): use the assistant to check people for high body temperature in public places and in means of transport – for public health protection
    • Exchangeable lenses optionally available (42° standard/wide-angle lens and 15° telephoto lens)

    6.6° x 5° super-telephoto lens:

    • Compatible super-telephoto lens for the testo 890 thermal imager
    • Small field of view (6.6° x 5°) for maximum resolution of particularly distant objects
    • Easy to handle: no additional lens holder needed


    The testo 890 professional thermal imager means you are ideally equipped for the following applications:

    Preventive maintenance
    Ideal for the early identification of imminent malfunctions or defects on plants and machines: Reliably record temperature increases with a thermal imager.
     - Fast detection of critical thermal status (so-called HotSpots) during continuing operation
     - Avoid expensive damage, downtimes and fire risks on plants and machines
     - Electrical maintenance:
              Test switching cabinets, electrical conditions, photovoltaic plants
              Evaluate heat status in low, medium and high voltage plants
     - Mechanical maintenance:
              Identify wear on machines
             Test motors, bearings, shafts

    Detecting structural defects and ensuring construction quality
    - Detect potential building defects, prove quality and the implementation of construction measures without contact – with the help of thermal images
    - Test air-tightness of windows and doors
    - Locate insulation errors and cold bridges in a building shell
    - Detect and visualize mould-risk areas

    Professional energy consultation
    - Analyze building shells, evaluate energy efficiency, identify energy-saving potential with a thermal imager from Testo
    - Easy recording and documentation of energy loss from buildings
    - Prove faulty insulation and cold bridges without contact, and visualize them in an infrared image
    - Localize untight spots in new buildings quickly and easily in combination with Blower Door

    Present and analyze building shells in an image
    - Detailed thermography of large buildings
    - Visualize thermal irregularities in a building shell – in a thermal image: The panorama assistant stitches several recordings together to one overall image

    Preventing mould formation
    - Localize mould-risk areas quickly and easily: These areas are presented in red in the imager display when the imager is in humidity mode

    Easy checking of heating systems and installations
    - Test heating and air conditioning/ventilation systems: Use a thermal imager to identify irregularities in the temperature distribution quickly and easily
    - Localization of the course of heating loops in underfloor heating systems
    - Testo radiators for silting
    - Measure flow and return temperatures

    Localize pipe ruptures
    - Reliably determine pipe ruptures with the help of a thermal imager – without unnecessarily opening walls and floors
    - Precise localization of leakages in underfloor heating and other inaccessible pipe systems

    Locating leaks in flat roofs
    - Detection of damp in roofs: Based on temperature differences (such as occur mainly in flat roofs), thermal imagers show areas on the roof with sealed-in moisture or damaged insulation

    More reliability in quality assurance and production monitoring
    - A Testo thermal imager supports process control and product quality assurance
     -Identify foreign bodies in production processes and anomalies in the heat distribution of components quickly and without contact
     -Fast and easy monitoring of filling level in closed liquid tanks

    Safe high-temperature measurement
    - Measure high temperatures safely from a distance: Some of the thermal imager models from Testo even measure up to 1200 °C with the high-temperature option
    - Ideal for use in industrial maintenance
    - Identify wear, insulation damage and coking in furnaces and smelters
    - Thermography of large furnaces and machines on one thermal image – e.g. rotary kilns in cement production

    Research and development
    - Identify thermal anomalies and monitor cooling and heating processes in real time
    - Precisely visualize critical temperatures on circuit boards: Thanks to the finest geometric resolution of the high-quality Testo thermal imagers
    - Analyze heat occurrence and conduction in circuit boards, and optimize development processes: The process analysis package offers practical features such as video recording and image sequence storage for easy analysis of thermal processes

    Energy supply (production and distribution)
    - Thermographic testing of energy distribution plants: With thermal imagers, you can test thermal warming from a safe distance without contact, e.g. on high-voltage lines and in transformer stations
    - Non-contact testing of photovoltaic plants: Using solar thermography, module defects and installation faults can be reliably detected


    • testo 890 thermal imager with 6.6° super-telephoto lens and SuperResolution
    • Robust case
    • Pro software IRSoft (free download)
    • SD memory card
    • USB cable for data transfer to the PC
    • Carrying strap for the thermal imager
    • Lens cleaning cloth
    • Mains unit
    • Li-ion rechargeable battery
    • Headset for voice recording


    Infrared image output
    Spectral range 7.5 to 14 µm
    Infrared resolution 640 x 480 pixels
    Thermal sensitivity ˂ 40 mK at +30 °C
    Field of view 42° x 32° (Standard lens), 25° x 19° (25° lens), 15° x 11° (Telephoto lens), 6.6° x 5° (Supertele)
    Minimum focus distance 0.1 m (Standard lens), 0.2 m (25° lens), 0.5 m (Telephoto lens), 2 m (Supertele)
    Geometric resolution (IFOV) 1.13 mrad (Standard lens), 0.68 mrad (25° lens), 0.42 (Telephoto lens), 0.18 (Supertele)
    SuperResolution (Pixel) 1280 x 960 pixels
    SuperResolution (IFOV) 0.71 mrad (Standard lens), 0.43 mrad (25° lens), 0.26 mrad (Telephoto lens), 0.11 mrad (Supertele)
    Image refresh rate 33 Hz
    *inside the EU, outside 9 Hz
    Focus auto / manual
    Image output visual
    Image size 3.1 MP
    Minimum focus distance 0.5 m
    Image presentation
    Display type 4.3" LCD touchscreen with 480 x 272 pixels
    Digital zoom 1-; 3-fold
    Display option IR image / real image
    Colours 9 (iron, rainbow, rainbow HC, cold-hot, blue-red, grey, inverted grey, sepia, Testo)
    Video output USB 2.0, Micro HDMI
    Imager equipment
    Power-LED Included
    Process analysis package Optional
    JPEG storage included
    Video measurement up to 3 measurement points
    Voice recording Bluetooth****/wired headset
    **** Bluetooth only in the EU, Norway, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Colombia, Turkey, Japan, Russia, Ukraine, India, Australia
    Panorama image assistant Included
    SiteRecognition Included
    Exchangeable lenses 25° x 19°; 15° x 11°; 6.6° x 5°
    Standard lens 42° x 32°
    Digital camera Included
    Interface Labview; free download from hompage; USB
    Fever detection Optional
    Laser Laser marker
    Imager storage
    File format image .bmt; export option in .bmp; .jpg; .png; .csv; .xls
    File format video .wmv; .mpeg-1; Testo format (fully radiometric video)
    Storage device SD cart 2GB (approx. 1500 - 2000 images)
    Measuring range -30 to +100°C; 0 to +350 °C (switchable); 0 to +650 °C (switchable)
    High temperature measuring +350 ... +1200 °C (not in connection with the telephoto lens)
    Accuracy ±2 °C, ±2 % of m.v.
    Emissivity 0.01; 1
    Reflected temperature manual
    Transmission correction Included
    Accuracy high temperature ±2 °C, ±2 % of m.v.
    Measuring function
    Surface moisture distribution Included
    Humidity measurement Optional
    Solar mode – manual Included
    Analysis function up to 10 measurement points, Hot/Cold Spot Recognition, up to 5 x area measurement (min/max & average), Isotherm and alarm values
    Humidity measurement with humidity measuring instrument with radio humidity probe; (automatic measurement value transfer in real time);
    *Wireless humidity probes only in the EU, Norway, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Colombia, Turkey, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, New Zealand, Indonesia
    Ambient Condition
    Operating temperature -15 to +50 °C
    Storage temperature -30 to +60 °C
    Air humidity 20 to 80 % RH non-condensing
    Housing protection class IP54
    Vibration 2G
    Power supply
    Battery type Fast-charging, Li-ion battery can be changed on-site
    Operating time 4.5 h
    Charging options In instrument / charger (optional)
    Mains operation yes
    PC software
    System requirements Windows® 10; Windows Vista; Windows® 7 (Service Pack 1); Windows® 8; Interface: USB 2.0
    Physical specification
    Dimensions 253 x 132 x 111 mm
    Weight 1630 g
    Tripod mounting 1/4" - 20UNC
    Product-/housing material ABS
    weight (without package) 1,630 g
    Standards, tests
    EU-/EG-guidelines 2004/108/EG


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