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Inficon Whisper Ultrasonic Leak Detector - 711-202-G1
Inficon Whisper Ultrasonic Leak Detector - 711-202-G1
  • SKU: 711-202-G1

Inficon Whisper Ultrasonic Leak Detector - 711-202-G1

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    Whisper® Ultrasonic Leak Detector

    Versatility and flexibility for a variety of applications
    Do you have a non-traditional leak detection application that a gas detector, soap bubbles or dye injection system can’t address? Whisper is ideal for detecting and locating ultrasonic frequencies generated when the following common situations occur:

    • leaks of any gas under pressure or vacuum
    • electrical arcing
    • worn bearings and machinery
    • malfunctions in steam traps
    • leaking seals

    The leak detector includes a specialized built-in receiver that detects frequencies in the 40.5 kHz range. Through sophisticated circuitry, Whisper locates the ultrasound’s source, while an internal noise control ensures the instrument is unaffected by audible noise. This makes Whisper a versatile tool which can even be used in noisy environments, such as mechanical rooms.

    Whisper incorporates heterodyne capability, which reduces the ultrasonic frequencies detected to a range that can be heard by the human ear. Variations can therefore be identified to easily pinpoint the ultrasonic source. Heterodyne output is enabled when headphones (included) are plugged in to the detector. Sensitivity is adjusted through an innovative touch pad. Multiple LEDs and an audible alarm register the leak when heterodyne mode is not enabled.

    For the ultimate in performance and versatility, consider the Whisper with accessory kit. Along with the leak detector, this kit gives you more accessories for more productivity. Use the contact probe to check machinery’s function. Simply twist the metal probe onto the instrument and touch it to bearing housings, solenoids, pistons and other mechanical equipment to allow frequencies to travel into Whisper’s ultrasonic transducer. Properly functioning machinery sounds smooth and clear, a sharp contrast to malfunctioning machinery.

    Use Whisper Transmitter to test seals around any enclosed space, including doors, windows, ducts and refrigerator cases. Simply turn Whisper Transmitter on to generate its ultrasonic tone and place it in the area you wish to leak test. Trace around potential problem areas with Whisper to alert you to the transmitter’s ultrasonic frequencies “leaking” through poorly-sealed areas.


    Ordering Information
    Whisper (base unit) 711-202-G1
    Whisper with accessory kit included 711-203-G1
    Accessories and Replacement Parts  
    Headphones 032-0430
    Premium headphones 032-0427
    Whisper Transmitter 711-600-G1
    Contact probe 711-703-G1
    Carrying case 711-701-G1



    • Verstility for a variety of applications and industries
    • Works on any gas under pressure or vacuum
    • Two year replacement warranty



      • Refrigerant leaks
      • Nitrogen leaks
      • Locating worn bearings
      • Leaks in pneumatic systems
      • Compressed air lines
      • Vacuum systems
      • Diagnosing solenoid operation
      • Electrical arcing
      • Steam traps



      • Whisper Ultrasonic Leak Detector
      • Headphones
      • Rubber extension probe
      • Two "D" alkaline batteries
      • Hard plastic carrying case



      Sensitivity Detects a leak through a 0.004 in. (0.01 cm) diameter orifice at 5.0 psig from a 12 in. (30.5 cm ) distance
      Usage Indoor or Outdoor
      Operating Temperature Range 0°C to 50°C (+32°F to +122°F)
      (may be operated for a limited time in a lower temperature environments)
      Storage Temperature Range -10°C to+60°C (+14°F to 140°F)
      Humidity 85% RH NC Max.
      Altitude 6500 ft. (2000 m)
      Base unit includes Headphones
      Rubber extension probe
      Two "D" alkaline batteries
      Hard plastic carrying case
      Unit with accessory kit includes Premium headphones
      Metal contact probe
      Rubber extension probe
      Whisper Transmitter (with 9V battery)
      Two "D" alkaline batteries
      Hard plastic carrying case
      Controls Power button, sensitivity touch pad
      Power source Two D size alkaline batteries (included)
      Battery life 165 hours (laser pointer off)
      115 hours (laser pointer on)
      Weight with batteries 1.06 lb. (482 g)




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