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Hydrocell A/C Cleaning Kit (17L HydroLith Pressure Washer, Hydrobag, Spray Wand, Coil Cleaner) HYD-KIT-LITHIUM
Hydrocell 17L Hydrolith Pressure Washer HYD-KIT-LITHIUM
Hydrocell Split Air Conditioner Cleaning Wash Bag
Hydrocell Tradie Air Conditioner Coil Cleaner
Hydrocell Metal Spray Wand for 17L HydroLith Pressure Washer
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Hydrocell A/C Cleaning Kit (17L HydroLith Pressure Washer, Hydrobag, Spray Wand, Coil Cleaner) HYD-KIT-LITHIUM

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    New Version Available: Hydrocell A/C Cleaning Kit - Includes 17L Maxi Portable Pressure Washer with Spray Gun, Hydrobag and Coil Cleaner - HYD-KIT-MAXI


    Get your team set up with this great value split system air conditioning cleaning kit with the popular Hydrocell Pressure Washer, Hydrobag, Spray wand and Coil Cleaner.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: All Hydrocell pressure washers are for water use only. All pressure must be released from the hose/nozzle when not in use. Failure to do so may result in leakage from damaged seals. Check the Troubleshooting Guide for more information.



    • Hydrocell HydroLith 17L Portable Pressure Washer with Lithium Battery
    • Spray Wand
    • Hydrobag 
    • Tradie Coil Cleaner


    You get the HydroLith 17 Litre Portable Pressure Washer with Spray Wand

    The NEW HydroLith has been upgraded to Tradie-standard, meaning it is as tough as guts -- one of Hydrocell's toughest washers. It has a Lithium battery, meaning it is lightweight, more efficient and more powerful battery. It will work its guts off for 30 minutes until it can work no more without losing stamina.

    Now Blue in colour and almost all fittings* are alloy or brass in the case of their nozzles. There are reinforcements internally with stronger guts and thicker casting and alloy fittings externally as well as a metal nozzle which means it can take the rough and tumble of the work site. Perfect for cleaning the boat and motorbikes on the weekend! No more unrolling hoses and looking for a nearby tap, just fill up and you're ready to go.

    HydroLith has the same psi as Hydrocell's other washers, the 'gentle but tough' 43.5-130.5 psi pressure (equivalent to that of a garden hose nozzle's range), with the portable water tank meaning you can take it with a full tank on the road with you and as soon as you jump out of your car you can wash down your bike, dog or boat instantly.

    HydroLith is portable, and you can use your shoulder strap to carry it. Stow your accessories in the built-in stretchy carry basket and off you go.

    The HydroLith can be used while running off your 12V cigarette lighter power socket in your running car. It can also be charged, when not in use, via the supplied wall charger.

    * Hose connectors are plastic

    Also included is a 52cm metal spray wand, for those hard-to-reach places.


    What Else??

    You also get the super popular Hydrobag. The New Hydrobag was designed in Australia specifically for use on split air conditioner systems. This is a must for any A/C businesses that pride themselves on providing thorough preventative maintenance. This bag is reusable over and over again and will capture all the dirt, grime and mould that typically reside in split air conditioners.

    Once your customers see the dirty water from their air conditioners you will be sure to get repeat business and maintenance contracts for years to come.

    The Hydrobag has an alloy concertina frame which is lightweight yet heavy-duty. The bag itself is made from 1200 denier waterproof material. It has a splashback sheet with adjustable straps and eyelets for different-sized split systems.

    In the base, there is a heavy-duty New Zealand-made drainage hole and locking nut. This allows you to place a bucket or tub underneath to catch all runoff.



    The Tradie Coil Cleaner is designed to loosen dirt and grime from the cooling coils and rotor blades inside air conditioning units and bring the unit back to its best operating performance. It is extra-large in size (630g) with a deep, penetrating formula that is eco-friendly, biodegradable, and non-toxic and we're proud to say it is also Australian-made.



    Hydrocell HydroLith 17 Litre Portable Pressure Washer with Spray Wand

    • 17-litre water tank
    • Twist-off base
    • 15V 2400mAh Lithium Battery
    • 12V-15V(DC) Volts
    • 75W Power
    • 2.51/m Water Flow
    • Extra long 6M Hose with 2x hose connectors & velcro straps
    • 3M Lithium Wall Charger
    • AC 100-240V Charger
    • External Power 12V Cigarette Lighter Plug (built-in storage hatch)
    • Alloy and brass fittings
    • Removable shoulder strap
    • Spare O-Rings
    • Instruction Manual
    • 7kg (Empty tank)
    • 422mm High x 390mm Wide x 250mm Deep
    • 52cm metal spray wand


    • Suitable for use with split system air conditioning units
    • Lightweight alloy Concertina frame
    • Heavy-duty Hydrobag + adjustable splashback canvas
    • Adjustable straps and eyelets
    • Heavy-duty NZ-made drainage system
    • Drainage plug and tubing
    • W 1100mm x D 450mm x H 570mm
    • 1500mm tubing
    • 4.3kg

    Tradie Coil Cleaner

    • Over 23% more products in our cans than competing brands (it is really is a massive can!)
    • Sticks to the coil longer, for a deeper penetrating clean
    • Australian made & owned
    • Eco Friendly and Biodegradable
    • No odour and Non-Toxic
    • Foaming action spray



    • 12 months (6 months for commercial use) from the date of purchase for Hydrocell Washers


    Buy with 100% confidence knowing your purchase is backed by the full Manufacturer's Warranty. Please register your product with provided warranty card.



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