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Troubleshooting Hydrocell Pressure Washers

on June 12, 2019

While trouble with Hydrocell Washers is rare, we do see the odd hiccup. Below we’ve listed the top 3 issues our users may experience, which can be fixed quickly and easily from right where you are now.

Follow our simple step-by-step guide on how to troubleshoot faults, and if you’re still having issues afterwards send us an email at support@cooltools.net.au and we will assist you with the information required to create a maintenance return.

Important Note: All Hydrocell pressure washers are for water use only. All pressure must be released from hose/nozzle when not in use. Failure to do so may result in leakage from damaged seals.



If you have an air bubble, your washer may stop working until the bubble is released. Make sure you’re outside or somewhere water can spit out freely before following the below steps to purge the outlet.

  1. Take tank off (twist and pull up – not across).

  2. Disconnect hose from base at the outlet connector.

  3. Turn Machine on and depress the white cross bar in the tip of connector.

If your problem was an air bubble, water will squirt out and machine will reset. This issue occurs when the pressure from the hose is not released after use. 



If you predominantly charge your washer from the wall charger, plug in the 12V Car Charger cable inbuilt to the base of your washer.

When Plugged in to the 12V car charger, does your washer work?

  • YES: Your battery may have been dislodged slightly from its terminal. Unscrew the base plate and adjust.
  • NOOh no, it sounds like your battery has died! Contact us at info@cooltools.net.au and we can arrange a replacement battery if required.


    The fuse is located under the base plate, unscrew the base plate and follow the wires. If the fuse connection is broken, you’ll need a new fuse. These are standard fuses that readily available from your local hardware or electronics store, or if you get stuck you can send us an email at support@cooltools.net.au for assistance.