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Fieldpiece Top Fridgie Pack
Fieldpiece Top Fridgie Pack
Fieldpiece Top Fridgie Pack
Fieldpiece Top Fridgie Pack
Fieldpiece Top Fridgie Pack
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Fieldpiece Top Fridgie Pack

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    A great pack to get the job done. There is enough here to measure for your system analysis.


    1 x Fieldpiece Wireless 4-Valve Digital Manifold - SM480vINT

    • SM480vINT
    • 2 x TC24 Wired Type-K Pipe Clamp thermocouple
    • 1 x ATA1 Type-K Bead Thermocouple with clip
    • 1 x ANC11 Padded Drawstring Case

    1 x Fieldpiece Wireless Probe Vacuum Gauge with LCD Display - MG44

    • Micron Vacuum Gauge - MG44
    • Reversible Coupler Fitting
    • Operator's Manual
    • 2 x AA Alkaline Batteries

    1 x Fieldpiece TRMS Combination Mini Clamp Meter - SC260

    • SC260 Meter
    • ADLS2 Deluxe Silicone Lead Set with Gold Plated Tips and Removable Sheath
    • ATB1 Wrap Tab Type K Thermocouple
    • Velcro Strap
    • 9V Battery
    • ANC4 Padded Case

    1 x Fieldpiece Probe and IR Temperature Pocket Style Tool SPK3



    Fieldpiece Wireless 4-Valve Digital Manifold - SM480vINT

    Data Logging
    • Stores up to 9 jobs internally
    • Easy download via USB port
    • Displays % free storage space before logging begins
    • Logs up to 7 days (168 continuous hours)

    Tightness Test built-in feature

    • Check for leaks after repairs or installations
    • View pressure differential over time
    • Timer tracks duration of test
    • Temperature compensated with SL temp to avoid false positives

    Customisable Menu

    • Adjust auto power off duration
    • Adjust backlight duration
    • Set high and low vacuum alarms
    • Select each unit of measurement individually

    Receives Wireless Measurements
    Add Job Link Tools to your arsenal and get live readings directly on the SMAN manifold screen from the Job Link Psychrometers (JL3RH), Job Link Pipe Clamps (JL3PC), and SRS3 Refrigerant Scale.
    Place pipe clamps in the perfect location. Monitor and record live refrigerant usage for precise recovery, charging, and documentation. View live air measurements and calculations while making adjustments.

    Increase Professionalism with Job Link® System App
    Streamline and simplify your call even further with the Job Link System App. See your measurements up to 100 metres away on your mobile device. Document your work and provide professional reports, including refrigerant weight usage, by simply connecting to the Job Link System app. Helps to reduce call-backs and increase profits.
    • View measurements on SMAN and/or in Job Link App
    • Monitor and record refrigerant weight
    • Direct 100 meter wireless range (no transmitter needed)


      Fieldpiece Wireless Probe Vacuum Gauge with LCD Display - MG44

      The NEW MG44 Micron Gauge Impact and Weather Resistant designed for the field

      • Confidently perform evacuations with a reliable, leak-proof seal.
      • Reversible angled coupler and new cylindrical design are easier to fit into tight spaces.
      • There are three ways to use:
        • View from up to 300 metres away (line of sight) via the Job Link® mobile app
        • View on the Fieldpiece SMAN™ Refrigerant Manifold SM380INT or SM480INT
        • View direct from the MG44’s display.
      • Three ways to view the new larger backlit LCD screen is easier to read and its dot-matrix display shows more info including:
        • bar graph
        • rate
        • rate meter
      • IP54-rated weather-resistant.
      • Rugged over-molded construction for extreme impact resistance.
      • Range 50 to 25,000 microns
      • Units of measure: microns (µm) of mercury, mmHg, mbar, mTorr, Torr, and Pascals


      Fieldpiece TRMS Combination Mini Clamp Meter - SC260

      The SC260 Compact Clamp Meter is a great meter for testing HVACR electrical measurements. It includes True RMS measurements so you can test variable frequency drives more accurately, along with temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. The SC260 also features a backlight display for reading measurements in poorly lit places and a sturdy swivel magnet for hands-free measurements.

      • Volts AC/DC
      • True RMS
      • 400 Amps AC
      • Temperature F/C
      • Capacitance
      • Non-contact voltage
      • 40 Mega Ohm with 0.01 resolution
      • Continuity
      • Diode Test
      • Max/Min/Hold
      • LCD Backlight
      • Low Battery Indicator
      • Hi-voltage Warning


        Fieldpiece Probe and IR Temperature Pocket Style Tool SPK3

        Convenient 2-Way Temperatures with folding ROD thermometer with 8:1 Infrared Temperature measurements

        • Great to quickly assess a system
        • Folding ROD for in duct measurements
        • 8:1 IR for Diffusers, Registers and ambient temps
        • Hands free in-duct measurements
        • Quickly calculates T1 - T2 across both ROD and IR



        1 Year from Date of Purchase (​excludes Consumables such as Filters, Gaskets, Leads, Batteries, Fuses, Sensors, Case etc)


        Buy with 100% confidence knowing your purchase is backed by the full Manufacturer's Warranty. Please register your product with provided warranty card.




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