AccuTools BluVac+ Pro Digital Vacuum Gauge with Bluetooth Smart Wireless Technology - A10702
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AccuTools BluVac+ Pro Digital Vacuum Gauge with Bluetooth Smart Wireless Technology - A10702

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Ideal for the HVAC-R, Industrial, and Scientific professionals, the AccuTools® BluVac+ Pro Wireless Digital Vacuum Gauge is a state-of-the-art wireless digital vacuum gauge utilizing patented technology to deliver the highest accuracy and resolution available. It is programmable, allowing for unattended evacuation and rise-time testing of HVAC/R systems of all sizes.

With the BluVac+ Pro, you can accurately measure vacuum pressure in Microns, Pascals, Millibar, Millitorr, mmHg, PSI, and inHg with resolution down to 0.1 micron.

The BluVac+ Pro has Bluetooth Smart® wireless capability, an Evacuation Progress Indicator, Saturation Temperature Display, and a Leak Rate Indicator in either units/second or units/minute.

The BluVac+ Pro can be operated stand-alone or in conjunction with an iOS or Android compatible app. It is small, lightweight, rugged and easy to use.


  • Bluetooth Smart Wireless Technology
  • 0 to 25,000 Micron Range with 0.1 Micron Resolution less than 10,000 Microns
  • Measures Vacuum in Microns, Pascals, Millibar, Millitorr, mmHg, PSI, and inHg
  • Programmable Automatic Evacuation and Rise-Time Testing
  • Evacuation Progress Indicator
  • Vacuum Leak Rate, Ambient Temperature, and Saturation Temperature Indicator
  • Measures Ambient and Saturation Temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius to 0.1°
  • Automatic Oil Sensor
  • Large, high-visibility back-lit LCD display
  • “Analog” Vacuum Level Bar Graph
  • Built-in memory retains all previous settings
  • Rugged, Compact Design with Protective Silicone Rubber Boot
  • Auto Power-Off
  • Long Battery Life
  • Detachable Swivel Hook
  • Calibration Self Test - can be field calibrated with no special equipment
  • Ideal for HVAC-R Service, Industrial Use, and Scientific Measurement
  • 12 Month Warranty


App Features

  • View vacuum on digital gauge or graph
  • Bar graph vacuum indicator
  • Automatic notifications of evacuation process
  • Leak check feature
  • Record evacuation process
  • Export as graphical PDF
  • Export as comma-delimited CSV


Mobile Device and App Compatibility

  • Android and iOS devices with Bluetooth Smart®
  • BluVac by MeasureQUICK
  • iManifold by North Park innovations Group



  • BluVac+ Professional Digital Wireless Vacuum Gauge
  • Detachable Swivel Hook
  • Brass Coupler
  • Protective Rubber Boot
  • Battery (One 9V Alkaline)
  • Instruction Manual



Range 0 – 25,000 Microns
(3333.1 Pa,
33.331 mBar,
25,000 mTorr,
25.000 mmHg,
0.48341 PSI,
-28.037 inHg) 
Displayed Units Microns, Pascals, mBar, mTorr, mmHg, PSI, InHg
Vacuum Accuracy 5% of Reading +/- 5 Microns 
Vacuum Resolution 0.1 Micron (@ 0.0 to 9999.9 Microns) 
Temperature Accuracy 0.2°F (0.1°C)
Temperature Resolution 0.1° 
Warm-up Time Instant
Response Time Instant
Power 9V Alkaline Battery (9V Lithium recommended for low temperature operation) 
Battery Life Up to 300 Hours (Bluetooth disabled) 
Wireless Technology Bluetooth Smart
Wireless Range Up to100m (328’) Line-of-Sight
Vacuum Port Fitting: ¼” Male Flare – Anodized Aluminum with Dust Cap 
Maximum Overpressure 500 PSI 
Operating Temperature 10°F – 122°F (-12°C – 50°C)
Dimensions 3.5” x 3” x 1.25” (9cm x 7.5cm x 3cm) 
Weight 6 oz. (170g) including Battery and Swivel Hook 



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