$550 and up

AccuTools BluVac+ LTE Wireless Digital Vacuum Gauge with Leak Rate Indication - A10732


AccuTools BluVac+ Pro Digital Vacuum Gauge with Bluetooth Smart Wireless Technology - A10702


AccuTools DS-220R Digital Refrigerant Charging Scale 100kg - A10130R


Accutools eL-320 Combustible Gas Leak Detector A10212


AccuTools eL-720 Carbon Dioxide Gas Leak Detector - A10302


AccuTools TruBlu Advanced Evacuation Kit - A10757-2


AccuTools TruBlu Pro Evacuation Kit - A10757-3


AccuTools TruBlu Starter XL Evacuation Kit - A10757-4MSXL


Bosch High Pressure Recovery Unit RG4.0


Bosch Infrared CO2 Leak Detector IR-LD1.0


Bosch Refrigerant Charging Scale 120kg Capacity CS2.0


Bosch Refrigerant Leak Detector CS-LD1.0