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The new testo 549 is the robust tool for daily work on refrigeration systems and heat pumps. The robust 2-way metal valve block with 3 connections and 3 hose parkers
allows you to work quickly and easily. The more robust housing, with a metal frame around the display, protects the new testo 549 even more reliably from impact. The
suspension hook guarantees secure attachment of the digital manifold during measurement.

The testo 549 is excellently suitable for commissioning, service and maintenance. Thanks to additional features such as the automatic heat pump mode, which eliminates the need to switch over the hoses, and the temperature-compensated tightness test function, working on refrigeration systems and heat pumps is easier than ever before.

It precisely measures high side / low side pressure and instantly displays the corresponding saturation / evaporation temperatures for 60 refrigerants. With its integrated temperature measurement and automatic calculation of superheating/subcooling, you can now do away with additional measurements and manual comparisons (when using an optional clamp probe). 

The versatility of 60 on-board refrigerant profiles means the Testo 549 digital manifold is the only gauge that you need. The proven, rugged design will give you years of dependable service. With optional temperature probes, the Testo 549 digital manifold provides accurate, real-time superheat and sub-cooling at the push of a button.

The testo 549 digital manifold offers many advantages in comparison with analog manifolds. The instrument will make it easier for you to work on refrigeration systems and heat pumps.


  • 60 refrigerant profiles stored in the instrument
  • 2-way valve block with three connections, three hose parkers and sight glass
  • Display illumination for better legibility in dark surroundings
  • Calculation of superheating/subcooling in real-time with up to two external temperature probes
  • Digital accuracy performs more reliably than analog manifold gauge sets for more precise readings
  • Additional 12 month (3 year) product warranty with registration 

Why Make the Switch from Analogue to Digital Gauges
  • Measures high side/low side pressure and displays saturation / evaporation temperatures
  • 2-way valve block with three connections and sight glass
  • 60 refrigerant profiles stored in the instrument
  • Large 2-line backlit display
  • 3 year warranty with registration
  • Provides real-time superheat and sub-cooling with optional temperature probes


  • Testo 549 digital manifold
  • Batteries
  • User's manual
  • Certificate of conformity


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  • Temperature
      • Measuring range: -50 to +150 °C
      • Accuracy: ±0.5 °C
      • Probe connection: 2 x plug-in (NTC)
  • Pressure
      • Measuring range: -1 to +60 bar
      • Accuracy: ±0.5 % fs
      • Probe connection: 3 x 7/16" – UNF
      • Overload rel. (high pressure): 65 bar
  • Vacuum
      • Measuring range: -1 to 0 bar
  • Operating temperature: -20 to +50 °C
  • Storage temperature: -20 to +60 °C
  • Battery life: 250 h (without illumination, without Bluetooth®)
  • Protection class: IP42


Buy with 100% confidence knowing your purchase is backed by the full Manufacturer's Warranty. Please register your product with provided warranty card.


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