SpeedClean A/C Mini-Split Cleaning Bag Bib Kit XL - MSB-KIT-XL
SpeedClean A/C Mini-Split Cleaning Bag Bib Kit XL - MSB-KIT-XL
SpeedClean A/C Mini-Split Cleaning Bag Bib Kit XL - MSB-KIT-XL
SpeedClean A/C Mini-Split Cleaning Bag Bib Kit XL - MSB-KIT-XL
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SpeedClean A/C Mini-Split Cleaning Bag Bib Kit XL - MSB-KIT-XL

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    SpeedClean Mini-Split Bib Kit XL


    The Mini-Split Bib Kit XL is a fast way to clean larger commercial ductless mini-split coils, blower wheels and more. The patented technology fits ductless units 45″ to 60″ and keeps water away from walls and other surroundings and directs it into the 5-gallon bucket for disposal, so it’s clean and safe all around.

    The Mini-Split Bib Kit XL is the larger version of SpeedClean's popular Mini-Split Bib Kit. This reusable product is designed to fit larger, commercial ductless mini-split air handlers, up to 60″ in width. Mini-split installs are the faster-growing category in residential marketplaces, and the installation and maintenance of larger, commercial units are catching up fast.

    The patented Mini-Split Bib Kit XL makes it simple to clean large units in place and saves a ton of time. It attaches quickly to mini-split systems 45″ to 60″ wide using special brackets and uses the custom-designed 6mil plastic bib section to create a barrier against the wall and other surroundings. Now you can easily clean the coils, fan blades and more with pressurized cleaning systems, like pump sprayers or SpeedClean's CoilJet Portable Coil Cleaning System.

    The system is simple to use. Simply slide the brackets in behind the corners of the mini-split air handler. Attach the bib and protective wall plates and tighten. Then place the bottom of the bib funnel into the included 5-gallon bucket. All coil cleaner, water, and debris are safely funnelled into the 5-gallon bucket. No mess, and no fuss. And when you are done, just dry it and store it in the included bucket for your next use!


    • Fits virtually any brand mini-split systems up to 44" to 60" wide
    • Allows quick and easy cleaning of coils, fans blades, blower wheels and more
    • 8 ft drain line for high mounts funnels all coil cleaner and water safely into an included 5-gallon bucket for easy transport and disposal
    • Strong 6 mil plastic bib with sonically welded seams
    • Keeps walls and surrounding safe from water and cleaner chemicals
    • Quick to set up and easy to move from job-to-job
    • Reusable – lower cost of ownership



    • Commercial Mini-Split Air Handlers



    • Brackets
    • Plastic “Bib” Cleaning Bag
    • Adjustable Cord
    • Support Rib
    • Deflector Plates (2 Short & 1 Long)
    • Adhesive Tape
    • 5 Gallon Bucket (18.9 L)


    How many units can I clean with the included bib (cleaning bag)?
    There is no real set number of units one can clean before the bag needs replacement. In general 10-12 units is the going number but issues like proper storage and handling can affect that dramatically.

    How many uses can I get from one bib?
    The answer to this question depends on multiple variables. If dried and stored properly between uses and for general use, utilizing a water and coil cleaner mix you should be able to get between 10-20 uses.

    How do I install the bib?
    Installing the bib is easy. Simply run the existing stretch cord through the seams and position similarly to the existing bib.

    Can I use any coil cleaner with the bib?
    We recommend the use of cleaners that do not include acids or harsh caustic agents like the SpeedyFoam cleaner.

    Are additional bibs available for sale?
    Yes, additional bibs are available for sale here: SpeedClean Mini-Split Bib Kit Replacement Bib



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