What to know about Hydrocell

                Most people own an air conditioner, especially a split type which is pretty common these days. However, a thorough cleaning is needed for this unit to perform at its max. The Hydrocell cleaning range offers a complete solution to cleaning every nook and cranny of your AC unit. Its pressure washers have so many applications. What else can you ask for than the ability to clean on-site without a hose, mains power, or even a tap?

                Hydrocell, without surprise, has gained a lot of traction in the commercial air conditioning maintenance market. Air conditioning professionals praised Hydrocell Washers for being the solution to saving time and energy with a minimum mess. Hydrocell unit is not only limited to air conditioners but to anything that could make use of a cleaning unit without the need for 240-volt power.

                The super-popular Hydrobag

                This is a must for any A/C businesses that pride themselves on providing thorough preventative maintenance. Other than being reusable, Hydrobag takes its pride in capturing all the dirt, grime and mould that could possibly reside in split air conditioner.

                Hydrocell 17 Litre Tradie Tough Portable Pressure Washer

                The 17-litre Tradie Tough Hydrocell is stronger, much more robust and includes, thicker casting, alloy connectors, and includes an upgraded heavy-duty metal nozzle. You won’t be needing any tap to connect. You can clean your A/C, boat, or dirt bike with this product. Let us admit that there are some difficult-to-reach locations of every machine making it difficult to clean.

                A/C Cleaning Kits from Cool Tools HVAC-R

                Hydrocell Pressure Washers and Hydrobags have become the go-to Split System and Air Conditioner cleaning tools. The Hydrocell Tradie Bundle includes a 17-litre Tradie Washer, a spray wand, a Tradie Coil Cleaner and the famous Hydrobag. 

                Cool Tools HVAC-R also put together great kits to save you money:

                In this time of great technology, it is praise-worthy to find revolutionary products in the market. Hydrocell technicians will never see maintenance work the same way ever again. Hopefully, this unit won’t be the end but rather becomes an inspiration for more revolutionary products to be invented.


                Hydrocell Hydrobag Split Air Conditioner Cleaning Bag HYD-BAG


                Hydrocell Tradie Tough Portable Pressure Washer with 17 Litre Tank - GFS-CT1

                $427.78 $513.00

                Hydrocell A/C Cleaning Kit (Hydrobag, 17L Tradie Pressure Washer, Spray Wand) HYD-KIT

                $856.74 $1,011.00

                Hydrocell Portable Pressure Washer 20 Litre Tank with Lithium Battery - GFS-CL2

                $436.20 $587.00

                Hydrocell Heavy Duty Metal Nozzle - HYD-METG


                Hydrocell 17L HydroLith Portable Pressure Washer with Lithium Battery - GFS-CL1

                $462.76 $543.00

                Hydrocell A/C Cleaning Kit (Hydrobag, 17L Tradie Portable Pressure Washer, Spray Wand, Coil Cleaner) HYD-KIT-BUNDLE

                $914.54 $1,070.95

                Hydrocell Portable Pressure Washer with 15 Litre Tank - GFS-A1

                $287.92 $323.00

                Hydrocell Metal Spray Wand HYD-SPRAY


                Tradie Cooler Bag Lunch Box with 10 Can Capacity - TC-10C


                Hydrocell 17L Tradie Tough Portable Pressure Washer - GFS-CT1

                $427.78 $513.00

                Hydrocell Detergent Nozzle - HYD-GDER

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