What to know about Hydrocell


Most people own an air conditioner especially a split type which is pretty common these days. However, a thorough cleaning is needed for this unit to perform at its max. The Hydrocell cleaning range offers a complete solution to cleaning every nook and cranny of your AC unit. Its pressure washers have so many applications. What else can you ask for than the ability to clean on-site without a hose, mains power, or even a tap.


Hydrocell, without surprise, has gained a lot of traction in the commercial air conditioning maintenance market. Air conditioning professionals praised Hydrocell Washers for being the solution to saving time and energy with a minimum mess. Hydrocell unit is not only limited to air conditioners but to anything that could make use of a cleaning unit without the need for 240-volt power.


Hydrocell Pressure Washers and Hydrobags have become the go-to Split System and Air Conditioner cleaning tools. They also recommended this great kit to save you money.

The super-popular Hydrobag.

This is a must for any A/C businesses that pride themselves on providing thorough preventative maintenance. Other than being reusable, Hydrobag takes its pride in capturing all the dirt, grime and mould that could possibly reside in split air conditioner.

The Hydrobag has been designed in Australia mainly having Split Air Conditioner Systems in mind. The Hydrobag uses an alloy concertina frame to produce a lightweight but heavy-duty unit. In addition, the bag itself is made from 1200 denier water-proof material. Another feature of Hydrobag is its splash back sheet with adjustable straps and eyelets for different sized split systems.

The heavy-duty drainage hole and locking in the base allows you to place a bucket or tub underneath to catch all the runoff. When your clients see how much dirt comes off from their unit, they would definitely be satisfied.


Hydrocell 17 Litre Tradie Tough Portable Pressure Washer

The 17 litre Tradie Tough Hydrocell is stronger, much more robust and includes, thicker casting, alloy connectors, and includes an upgraded heavy-duty metal nozzle. You won’t be needing any tap to connect. You can clean your AC, boat, or dirt bike with this product.  Let us admit that there are some difficult to reach locations of every machine making it difficult to clean. The Hydrocell 17 Litre Pressure Washer is equipped with a built-in 12v rechargeable battery pack to your rescue.  You can now say goodbye to the hassle of un-rolling hoses and the constant search for a tap near you. You just need to fill up and off you go. If you prefer, you can also opt for the improved features that include alloy water outlet and tougher bass spray nozzle, with 7 meters of hose plus protective hose clamp. These new units also come with a 12V three-meter cord and sealed lead-acid battery for situations where more power is required.


In this time of great technology, it is praise-worthy to find revolutionary products in the market. Hydrocell technicians will never see maintenance work the same way ever again. Hopefully, this unit won’t be the end but rather becomes an inspiration for more revolutionary products to be invented.