Bromic: Champion of Outdoor Heating


Bromic has four main division namely Plumbing and Gas, Heating, Refrigeration, and Crystella. The purpose-built facility of Bromic is located in Sydney, Australia.


Bromic Heating

In 2007 Bromic launched the Bromic heating that caught the world’s attention as a revolutionary invention. Despite being award-winning, Bromic’s engineering and design team is not planning on taking a step back on their game. They continuously aim in setting the benchmark in the outdoor heating industry.  


Bromic Refrigeration

Bromic Refrigeration has been supplying quality products since 1999. This division has designed its products specifically to task and meet customer’s needs and satisfaction. Constantly aiming for quality, Bromic is considered as today’s leading supplier of refrigeration equipment to a vast market in the region and in the world through a wide dealer network.


Crystella A Bromic Group Company

Necessity is the mother of invention they say. The saying is true for Crystella. It is made with the thought of meeting the need to create a better instantaneous purified water. The goal is to produce purer water and more sustainable alternative to pre-bottled sparking or chilled water. Crystella can produce a premium-quality purified water that can bring any dining experience to a different level. The design is Italian and is backed by 40 years of engineering experience.  


Bromic Plumbing & Gas

Since 1978, Bromic’s Plumbing & Gas Division has been the main part of Bromic’s business supplying wholesale and trade market leaders throughout Australia and New Zealand.  All products in the catalogs are carefully and conveniently kept and distributed from either their Sydney, Perth or Auckland facilities.  

Now it is time to talk about the highlight of Bromic’s services. It is undeniable that the demand for outdoor heating increase as many people would want to enjoy the outdoors without the tormenting cold of winter. In 2007, the outdoor heating industry changed forever. Bromic Group established Bromic Heating—a company that defines style and class for outdoor heaters. Their goal was to transform outdoor heating like never before and they did.

Not only that Bromic’s outdoor heating does its job well but it also does it with style. The unit is designed to look like accents to themed decoration. Functionality and style are what make Bromic heating top of its game. One proof of its popularity is its constant presence along Last Vegas Boulevard. This innovation has been highly appreciated and accepted in the hospitality industry as their main goal is the comfort of their clients. If I may say, the idea is similar to that of an outdoor hot spring in Japan.

Joseph Linden, Bromic’s Specification Executive once said that Bromic has truly become the number one outdoor heating solution provider for the hospitality industry. He also added that Bromic offers free design service in order to ensure that the outdoor heating solution will perform to expectations.  

Although the luxurious Bromic heaters are not only limited to high-end commercial industries, it gains its popularity really well in the high-end market and their partnership with Woodland Direct has played a significant role in it. This partnership allows the high style and functionality of Bromic heaters to reach consumers in the United States and Canada. It seems that there is no stopping Bromic in reaching the top and keeping the number one spot in the outdoor heating industry.