Problem after the Solution


One of the greatest inventions of the twentieth century is the split air conditioning unit. This invention provided countless homes with comfort that was once available only to the few. The two main parts of a split air conditioner are compressor, which is located outside, and an inside air outlet unit. Compared to other systems, split air conditioners do not require a lot of ductwork networked all around the ceiling. Instead, split air conditioners rely on a set of pipes to connect the outdoor to the inside air unit. This is the main reason why there are called ductless mini-split air conditioner installations. However, great solutions are not perfect solutions. Problems still exist surrounding this great invention. The main problem that many would agree with is in keeping the unit in good working condition. To do this, regular cleaning and servicing are necessary to keep the unit in its best working condition producing great performance. This would make the unit both cost and energy-efficient.


For homeowners, it is unfortunate that cleaning and servicing definitely requires dismantling the unit and cleaning it with strong chemicals that it is better to leave them to the experts. Other than being costly this also requires time which is such a hassle in this busy generation. But not anymore. Necessity has given birth to the invention of AIRCONcare system. Cleaning split aircon unit is now an option for homeowners. An effective way in a fraction of the cost of professional cleaning


What is AIRCONcare?


AIRCONcare was developed by MacGyver Lab primarily to serve as a solution to how to get aircon unit cleaned without breaking the bank. The AIRCONcare kit is a corrosion-free chemical cleaning technology. This enables homeowners to achieve a high-quality cleaning without the danger nor the cost of hiring a professional. Prior to the development of this revolutionary system, homeowners’ go-to-DIY-solution were weak foam-based or solution-based chemical cleaners that apparently did not give the same cleanliness that you get from professionals. It has been a disappointment until the creation of the AIRCONcare. Many consumers are quite happy with this product. One customer stated that after trying to save his 10-year old split air conditioner and paying more than $400 he was just told that his unit is too old and needed to be replaced. Listening to his instinct that his unit just needs proper cleaning he went to the internet and found AIRCONcare DIY kit. He bought it, found it easy to use, only took him 45 minutes to do it and his unit is good as new. He mentioned how it was worth all the effort.



AIRCONcare is changing people’s perspective towards cleaning their split mini air conditioners. They are getting at the top of this cause by providing high-quality cleaning system to individual homeowners with the assurance of their products being safe to human use. The main points of AIRCONcare success are quality, safety, low price, and time-efficient. A combination of all these things is the dream of every split air conditioner owner.