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REVIEW : TIFZX Refrigerant Leak Detector from Robinair

on September 05, 2016

REVIEW : TIFZX Refrigerant Leak Detector from Robinair

Purchasing a reliable refrigerant leak detector is extremely important as Technician in the HVAC industry.  As a professional you want to know you are getting correct readings from your instrument to be able to best diagnose issue for your customers.

A Refrigerant leak detector should be considered essential for anyone working on refrigeration or AC Systems.  It allows you to quickly and easily locate leaks, saving the customer time and money and also saving the environment. So with a small pocket friendly device, we have saved the planet, our health and our money.

Now that we know we need a  refrigerant leak detector, it is important to select one that works the best and is cost-effective. Detectors with heated pentode sensors work great and are extremely popular. Reason being, there is less detection errors due to moisture, wind etc. They are sensitive to R-134a and are very economical as well.

Some things to check before buying the detector are the warm-up time it takes, its power consumption and the cost of replacing its sensor because this is very important.

The TIFZX Refrigerant Leak Detector from Robinair is by far one of the best detectors on the market.

It has all the necessary features such as being able to detect all kinds of halogenated refrigerants including r410a.

It has a super quick response time as it uses a true mechanical pump, this also helps with quick clearing. It has an easy to use one touch function using its tactile control pad. It has a tri-colour visual leak size indicator.

This model has been designed in such way as to increase its sensitivity to the leakage size and hence is more reliable.

From its specifications you can see that its warm-up time is just 20 seconds which is quite good with a sensor life expectancy of up to 150 hoursl. The 3 year warranty and the price make it a hot selling product.

You can read all about it in the product description as well.  This product will be a great investment for any HVAC industry technicians.