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REVIEW: Testo 557 Digital Refrigeration gauge with vacuum probe, 4-way valve, data logging and Bluetooth Supported

on September 08, 2016
REVIEW: Testo 557 Digital Refrigeration gauge with vacuum probe, 4-way valve, data logging and Bluetooth Supported

Digital Gauges are great for technicians as they offer excellent accuracy. They can perform multiple tests and calculate and also log results all at once.
The Testo 557 as a kit has clamp thermometers this means once connected to a system they can automatically calculate superheat and sub cooling numbers simultaneously. Measuring and interpreting superheat and sub cooling valves are both very important metrics and these tools make this process very simple and easy.
It is very accurate for checking or identifying any problems with the system. A highly recommended product, it is great quality and multiple tools all in one and don’t worry about the price, as the tool is great value for money.

It is a tough tool which will hold up to the daily conditions that HVAC techs endure. Awesome battery life makes it an outstanding tool that every technician should have.


60 built-in refrigerants.
External vacuum probe for speedy and more dependable evacuation of the system.
4-way valve block with 1/4in. and 3/8in. ports
Onsite monitoring.
Measures high side and low side pressures and temperatures.
App unification via Bluetooth: USB port to download any upgrades in refrigerants and Bluetooth with an app for wireless devices such as smart phone or tablet. It sends real time information to phones from upto 60ft.allowing you to do other work and has the capacity to email for keeping a track of each job.
Built-in leak test timer so that one can set the temperature or the pressure.
Reading are displayed within seconds
Compact design for ease of use , transport and setup
Large easy to read back-lit display
Water proof
Comes with a tough protective case.

Atmospheric compensation of the relative pressure sensors.
Super easy to use
Thermistors that do not require field calibration and hold calibration much more accurately over time
No grounding strap required.
Exceptional value
High Performance
Bluetooth app integration

The downloadable app allows automatic upgrading. The wireless connection allows users to read the measurement data on a smartphone or tablet and to work quickly and conveniently.

It is suitable for all important measurements on a refrigeration system. External vacuum probe supports evacuation of the system with highly accurate measurement.