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REVIEW : Testo 316-4(SET 1) – Leak Detector

on September 09, 2016

Testo 316-4(SET 1) – Leak Detector

Serious damage can occur because of leaks in a refrigeration system. In worst case scenarios,the system would no longer be capable of cooling and this condition can damage many other important components.

Aside from this, any refrigerant leaks are contributing towards environmental damage and if not detected in time your customers can incur huge costs.

Therefore it is important that you use reliable detection units which can detect even the smallest leaks.

This version of the Testo 316-4 has been designed with the integrated flexible gooseneck . The incorporation of high sensitivity, the 316-4 is able to immediately detect minute refrigerant leaks and alert the users of the leaks.

Key features of Testo 316-4 (SET 1) Refrigerant leak detector

  • High sensitivity of <3g/a which allows detection of even the slightest leaks
  • Audible and visual indicators of observed leaks
  • Trend display 
  • Fast response
  • Easy to use 
  • Optical and audible alarm 
  • Permanent sensor check easy sensor change by the user
  • Earplug socket for secure localization of leakages in noisy surroundings
  • Benefits of the Testo 316-4 (SET 1) leak detector
  • A versatile instrument in leak detection- The Testo 316-4 is a swift, dependable detector for all refrigerants
  • Practical sensor technology- The leak detector’s sensor is continually monitored and displays malfunctions and contaminations on the screen. The use of test leaks is no longer necessary. The sensor can be easily cleaned and is ready for use again. Its flexible gooseneck makes the sensor positioned close to the pipework on the measuring location
  • High Sensitivity
  • Reliable warning functions- If a leak is found the display changes from green to red. An audible signal also indicates that a leak has been detected. The earphones also enable the Testo 316-4 leak detector to be used in loud environments.

How does the Testo 316-4 work?

Once a leak is found the instrument will flash with a red color on the screen and will also produce an audible tone. Earplugs are also included in the set allowing the tone to be heard even in noisy areas.

Testo 316-4 is a very useful instrument for detecting leaks. It helps in reducing the costs and consumption of refrigerant. A properly charged system will provide reductions in energy consumption.

Testo 316-4 is a next generation refrigerant leak detector, which uses extremely sensitive sensing cells to detect leak in systems. It does not react to humidity, smoke, and temperature or airflow changes.

You can upgrade the Testo 316-4 leak detector (Set1) using the spare head for ammonia (NH3).

One of the best leak detectors for refrigerant according to budget and needs.