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Quick Tool Maintenance Checklist - Recovery Units, Vacuum Pumps and Gauges

on April 15, 2017

Quick Tool Maintenance Checklist

Your HVAC-R tools and equipment are an investment. Your business, however large or small, depends on the use of these high quality tools. In order to extend the life of your HVAC-R equipment, use these simple guidelines and procedures to provide routine maintenance and proper storage for your fleet.

  • When storing your Refrigerant Reclamation/Recovery equipment, make sure the tank is disconnected and closed
  • Close the loop for the Refrigerant Reclamation/Recovery unit itself, and bleed any excess air out of the filter-dryer to keep this component running its best
  • Wipe down your Vacuum Pump after each use, and keep excess grime from building up.
  • Schedule routine (at least monthly) oil check and oil changes for your Vacuum Pumps, and only use high quality Vacuum Pump oil
  • Schedule a regular calibration of your gauge set. Whenever possible, use room temperature refrigerant and a Temperature/Pressure chart to calibrate your gauges. Other times, use the quick zeroing task to keep your gauges reading accurately
  • Keep a stock of replacement hose gaskets on hand at all times. These gaskets can wear down quickly, but are simple and cheap to replace.
  • Enable your team members to perform tasks like these regularly as well, so that you can ensure they are performed often and diligently

Notice that many of these tasks should take less than a few minutes to perform, and can be done by anyone familiar with the equipment. By enabling and/or encouraging your team to look for these small, routine items as part of their daily or weekly routine, you can make the maintenance of this equipment part of the job that everyone does. Utilize these checks and procedures to avoid costly repair or servicing of your equipment down the road.

Using these simple protocols, you can greatly extend the life of your HVAC-R equipment, and increase the return of your investment over the long term.