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For You: The Best Refrigeration Gauges

on April 28, 2021

With sustaining systems and their functions, refrigeration gauges play a vital role in HVAC-R maintenance. Using a non-efficient gauge to repair and maintain your systems will lead to a series of problems, manifesting in a domino effect.

Acquiring and using the best refrigeration gauges on the market ensures effective and efficient testing, diagnosis, and respective repair to maximize and optimize your HVAC system.


What’s and How’s of Refrigeration Gauges

To start it off, refrigeration gauges are handheld tools to be connected to an HVAC system to provide a diagnosis of the system’s operations. A connected hose to the HVAC system is the necessary physical input to allow reading. This tool can measure the variables of temperature, pressure, possible leakage, and more.

In addition to operation diagnosis, the gauge determines the actions, such as adding refrigerant and evacuating the systems in the event of no leakage and moisture. Ultimately, the data given by the refrigeration gauge allows for the proper actions of maintenance and repair.


Types of Gauges

An analogue instrument involves a needle and scale to attain a reading. As discussed further in another article, the manual method depends on the interpretation and accuracy of the human eye. However, a perk is the ease to distinguish the gauge, the manifold, and the hose, during use. On the other hand, digital refrigeration gauges are stealing the spotlight in the industry.

The optimal choice of going digital offers unmatched precision and eliminates the error of human and instruments. In contrast to analogue, the digital gauge consists of a screen that reads the exact measure in that given frame of time. Additionally, there is no need to calibrate after each use.

In the industry, many still use the analogue gauge, but the majority prefers the convenience and accuracy of the digital gauges. Such convenience and accuracy translate into an effective and efficient diagnosis; therefore, repair.


Features of the Best Refrigeration Gauges

Starting with the basic components, a top-tier gauge must include the gauge, manifold, and reliable hose attachments. To clarify, these are a must!

With digital refrigeration gauges, the extra mile is taken with a control panel and information storage. Alone, these two features allow for precise readings in a shorter time frame. The latest products, like the ones listed below, ride the wave of technological advancement by connecting an app to update refrigerant types.

Lastly, overlooked features are the ability to record past readings and to attach probes for additional, efficient functionality.

Remember, do not settle, opt for the best refrigeration gauges!


Featured Products

Now that the preferable option has been established. Here are the top products on the market!


Testo 550s: Smart Digital Manifold with Bluetooth and 2-Way Valve Block
Apart from its Bluetooth and valve block features, the new Test 550s is known for its large graphic display. Specifically, the automatic Bluetooth connection allows for the simple, wireless measurement of the temperature and vacuum. All these are stored within the Testo Smart app.



Testo 557s: Smart Digital Manifold with Bluetooth and 4-Way Valve Block
Like the Testo 550s, this digital manifold thrives in large graphic displays. Through the Bluetooth connection and Testo Smart app, the functions guarantee a high degree of reliability, rapid, and easy measurements with documentation. With refrigerant management in the App, you will always have the current refrigerants available to you, just set your favourites and transfer them to the instrument.



Testo 550i: App-controlled Digital Manifold with Bluetooth and 2-Way Valve Block
With this new Testo 550i, all activities from measurement through to the documentation are fully controlled via the Testo Smart app on your smartphone or tablet – wirelessly, with ease and reliability. This compact and extremely robust product is the smallest digital manifold on the market.


Fieldpiece SM380vINT 2-Valve Digital Manifold with Built-In Data Logging
From Fieldpiece, it is the next level with its top quality casing and water and impact-resistant screen. Some of its best features include pristine data logging, built-in tightness test, customizable menu, and more.


Fieldpiece SM480vINT 4-Valve Digital Manifold with Built-In Data Logging
Similar to the Fieldpiece SM380vINT, its casing and screen quality is a premier feature. On top of that, the device can receive wireless measurements with live readings, deliver professionalism with the Job Link System app, and more.

Opting for one of the five best refrigeration gauges above, you cannot go wrong.