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Testo 770-3 clamp meter

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Non-contact measurement on tightly packed cables is really easy and reliable with the testo 770-3 clamp meter. Its innovative grab mechanism enables maximum precision. As the most high-performance model in the clamp meter family, it offers many additional functions for your challenging daily tasks, such as the Bluetooth interface.

The testo 770-3 cable-grabTM clamp meter is the ideal clamp amperemeter for demanding measuring tasks in tight application environments. The movable pincer arm can be fully retracted into the instrument. This enables the instrument to grab tightly packed cables in a particularly accurate way.

In addition, more specialized applications can be handled using the clamp meter, such as starting current, power and µA measurements. And, as well as measuring electrical parameters, you can also check temperatures with the integrated temperature adapter for type K thermocouples.

The clamp amperemeter automatically detects and selects AC/DC and other parameters, such as resistance, continuity, diode and capacitance,. This makes operation easier and more reliable than ever before. Your readings are clearly and distinctly presented on the two-line display. The Bluetooth interface is also particularly practical, enabling you to connect other instruments to the clamp meter.

2 Years

Key Features:

Ultra-high precision thanks to fully retractable pincer arm

Auto AC/DC and large two-line display

Improved TRMS method

Bluetooth interface for connection to other instruments

Technical Data

testo 770-1

testo 770-2

testo 770-3

Basic accuracy 0.8 % 0.8 % 0.1 %
Voltage measuring range 1 mV to 600 V AC/DC 1 mV to 600 V AC/DC 1 mV to 600 V AC/DC
Current measuring range 0.1 to 400 A AC/DC 0.1 to 400 A AC/DC 0.1 to 600 A AC/DC
Power measurement - - YES
μA measuring range - 0.1 to 400 μA AC/DC 0.1 to 400 μA AC/DC
Resistance measuring range 0.1 Ω to 40 MΩ 0.1 Ω to 40 MΩ 0.1 Ω to 60 MΩ
Frequency measuring range 0.001 Hz to 10 kHz 0.001 Hz to 10 kHz 0.001 Hz to 10 kHz
Capacitance measuring range 0.001 μF to 100 μF 0.001 μF to 100 μF 0.001 μF to 60,000 μF
Temperature measuring range - -20 to +500 °C -20 to +500 °C
Bluetooth & testo
Smart Probes App
- - YES
Continuity testing YES YES YES
Diode test YES YES YES
Display (counts) 4,000 4,000 6,000
Measurement category CAT IV 600 V
CAT III 1,000 V
CAT IV 600 V
CAT III 1,000 V
CAT IV 600 V
CAT III 1,000 V
Operating temperature -10 to +50 °C -10 to +50 °C -10 to +50 °C
Storage temperature -15 to +60 °C -15 to +60 °C -15 to +60 °C
Dimensions (L x W x H) 243 x 96 x 43 mm 243 x 96 x 43 mm 243 x 96 x 43 mm
Weight 378 g 378 g 378 g
Warranty 2 years 2 years 2 years
Authorizations TÜV, CSA, CE TÜV, CSA, CE TÜV, CSA, CE
Standards EN 61326-1,
EN 61140
EN 61326-1,
EN 61140
EN 61326-1,
EN 61140


Warranty : 2 Years

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