Fieldpiece Wireless 4-Port Digital Manifold - Vacuum equipped SMAN460


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Fieldpiece Wireless 4-Port Digital Manifold - Vacuum equipped SMAN460

Whats Included?
  • 4-port Digital Manifold - SMAN460
  • Built-in Micron Gauge
  • 2 Type-K Pipe Clamp Thermocouples - ATC1
  • Padded Carrying Case - ANC10
  • 6 AA Batteries

Take Aim!

On Target with Live Measurements

  • Extra rugged design
  • Live real-time adjustments with wireless measurements
  • Micron vacuum gauge with alarms, stopwatch, and rate indicator
  • Large 3/8" full bore and VAC port
  • All measurements on screen at one time


          The SMAN460 wireless four-port digital manifold is the top-of-the-line Fieldpiece manifold.  It has more features and benefits than any other manifold on the market.  With target superheat automatically calculated, simultaneous superheat and subcooling, all 9 measurements displayed on the large, easy-to-read screen, extra large 3/8' full bore and 4th VAC port, and wireless measurements for real-time system diagnosis and charging, the SMAN460 is the manifold HVACR pros trust to do more.

          Coupled with the JL2 Job Link Transmitter and the SDP2 Dual In-duct Psychrometer, you get all your readings in the Job Link App as well as pre- and post-work check lists, in-depth system diagnostics, report emailing, and cloud storage for all work completed.

          Plus it has a built in micron vacuum gauge with gives technicians the ability to set high and low alarms, and a stopwatch, as well as view the micron rate of change. 

          • Units of Measurement:
            - Psig, kPa, MPa, bar, inHg, and cmHg
          • Measures:
            - 2 Pressures
            - 2 Temperatures
          • Calculates:
            - Superheat
            - Subcooling
            - Target Superheat
            - Vapor Saturation
            - Liquid Saturation
          • Wireless Advantage
            - Receive indoor wet bulb and outdoor dry bulb measurements for live target superheat (additional instruments required).
            - Send measurements to Fieldpiece wireless system analyzers for diagnostics, data storage, and reporting.
          • Micron Alarms and Stopwatch
            - Set high and low alarms (microns of mercury).
            - Activate low alarm when you start pulling down. The stopwatch will start. When your low alarm sounds, the stopwatch will restart.
            - Activate high alarm when you isolate the system and the stopwatch resets again. When the system rises to your high alarm, the stopwatch will freeze. 
            - Watch rate of change while pulling vacuum.
          • 4 Ports for One Time Hookup
            - Connect to high side, low side, vacuum pump, micron gauge, and recovery machine (or refrigerant tank). Then use the valves as needed to recover, evacuate and charge the system.
          • 3/8” Vacuum Port
            - The large 3/8” vacuum port and 3/8” full bore speeds up evacuation and charging.
          • Display Designed for HVACR
            - Huge screen with the information you need.
            - No more cycling through temperatures.
            - Calculated and measured values all shown.
            - Expanded temperature tolerances allow for testing in refrigerators and on rooftops.
            - Rugged polycarbonate LCD cover.
            - Bright backlight.
          • Temperature Solutions
            - Pipe clamps grip tight for speed and accuracy.
            - External cal. pots for easy field calibration.
          • Reliable Regardless of Elevation
            - Absolute pressure sensors give you accurate readings at any elevation.
          • Lab Quality 2-Point Field Calibration
            - Calibrate pressure sensors to the known pressure of your refrigerant tank at a known temperature for high accuracy over the entire pressure range.
          • And More
            - Front facing hose seats limit dirt and grime entering your manifold.
            - Sight glass to view refrigerant flow.
            - 45 refrigerants listed in order of popularity.
            - Receive free future product updates through Mini-USB port.
            - Pipe clamp storage posts.
            - Auto-Power-Off (APO).
            - NIST traceable.


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