Fieldpiece Superheat & Subcooling Accessory Head ASX14



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Recent studies suggest that the majority of A/C systems in operation in the U.S. are under or overcharged. This causes decreased efficiency, and sometimes, premature compressor failure. The Fieldpiece Superheat and Subcooling Accessory for Air Conditioning, model ASX14, measures suction line, or low side, line temperature and pressure.

It then calculates actual superheat in real time using built in P/T charts. It also measures liquid line, or high side, line temperature and pressure, and calculates actual subcooling. Use it to get actual superheat on R-22 and R-410A fixed orifice systems and actual subcooling on TXV / TEV regulated systems. Use the “T” fitting to charge to actual superheat or subcooling by putting the ASX14 in-line between your refrigerant bottle and the system.

Designed for HVACR professionals, the ASX14, measures refrigerant pressure and temperature, and calculates superheat for two refrigerants in English or metric units.

  • Display pressure in PSI or kPa
  • Display temperature in ºF or ºC
  • Display superheat in ºF or ºC
  • Select R22 or R410A
  • Auto-off can be disabled for data logging
  • Includes "T"
  • Accepts K-type thermocouples
  • ATC1 pipe clamp T/C included
  • LED indicates when readings are stable
  • Thermocouple calibration pot
  • Push-button atmosphere pressure calibration
  • Measures suction or liquid line pressure and temp
  • Calculates superheat or subcooling for R22 and R410A
  • Easily calibrates to current atmospheric pressure
      Whats Included?
      • Superheat and Subcooling Accessory for Air Conditioning - ASX14
      • Pipe-Clamp Thermocouple 3/8” to 1 3/8” for Air Conditioning - ATC1
      • Mini-calibration Screwdriver
      • 9V Battery (installed)
      • Operator’s Manual

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