Fieldpiece Stick Meter HVAC Testing Kit with CO Head - HS33K14G



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Fieldpiece Stick Meter HVAC Testing Kit with CO Head - HS33K14G

Whats Included?

  • HS33 meter Kit with ACH4 Clamp Accessory
  • ADA2 – Shorting Cables with Alligator Clips
  • ANC8 - Case
  • ATC1 - Small Pipe Clamp Thermocouple
  • ACM4 - Carbon Monoxide Accessory Head
  • ADMN2 - Dual Port Manometer Accessory Head for Static and LPG readings
  • ARH4 - Digital Psychrometer Accessory Head
  • AUA2 - Micro & Milli Amp Accessory Head

Full Featured for the HVACR Field

  • Partners with all accessory heads to do more with one meter
  • Non-contact voltage
  • 400 AAC with included clamp
  • Convenient lead storage
  • Safe one-handed testing

Expandable Manual Ranging Stick Multimeter for HVACR with Temp, NCV, Diode Test - HS33

The HS33 Multimeter is a great entry level modular multimeter. Like every Fieldpiece meter, it's packed with the features and functions HVACR technicians need to get the job done. The ergonomic shape fits firmly and naturally in your hand while testing.

In addition to the HS33 stick meter, the Fieldpack HS33K14G contains snap-on accessory heads to measure air temperature, relative humidity, wet bulb, dew point, carbon monoxide, AC current, gas pressure, static pressure, and microamps for flame rectifier diode circuits. It also includes a small pipe clamp for taking suction line temperatures with a “wrap-tab” thermocouple that makes it easy to store the thermocouple wire. The kit also contains a pair of alligator clips to safely connect test leads to test points.

The magnetic hanger, detachable test leads and alligator clip probe tips, allow you to perform tests hands-free.

Because this multimeter has all the basics and more for a great price, many schools prefer it for their HVACR students. The rugged rubberized bumpers help this meter stand up to tough conditions in the field.


  • VAC
  • VDC
  • AAC
  • Temperature
  • Capacitance (MFD)


  • Non-contact voltage alert
  • Quick temperature compensation
  • 400AAC
  • High voltage and continuity indicators
  • MIN / MAX and Data HOLD
  • Silicone leads with detachable probe tips
  • Manual ranging

All Fieldpiece accessory heads slide directly on top of the HS33, so you can test a wider variety of parameters than what's in a single meter. The modular expandability of the HS33 makes it so you don't have to buy additional expensive meters to preform additional measurements like air flow, amps, static pressure, vacuum, and many more. There are 15 additional accessory heads to choose from.

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