Fieldpiece Static Pressure/Gas HVAC Testing Kit with HS36 TRMS Meter - HS36K19G



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The Fieldpiece HS36K19G GAs/Static Pressure Field Pack kit is a great mid-range starter kit for new technicians with an upgrade on the meter side from the HS33 to the HS36, adding features such as True RMS capability, auto-ranging, backlit LCD display with segmented bar graph, frequency (perfect for inverter measurements). Do all of the right tests in less time with the HS36K19G over your shoulder.

The HS36K19G testing kit, also includes some extra accessory heads, for instance, a carbon monoxide accessory head, a manometer accessory head for testing CO levels and air or gas pressures, in addition to the mainstream accessory heads, which includes a vacuum gauge accessory head, which will turn the HS36 meter into a micron gauge for measuring vacuum levels in the system when evacuating and dehydrating, making certain that the plant is fully evacuated after a repair or before refrigerant charging.

The humidity head will measure parameters, which indicate efficient system performance and the EHDL1 electronic handle allows connection of one of the heads to it, turning it into a standalone meter. Therefore you can measure humidity and temperature with one head and vacuum with the other simultaneously. If you need to add additional heads and accessories, it can be done either now or later, thanks to the Fieldpiece modular expandability ethos.


  • EHDL1 - Electronic handle
  • HS36 - Expandable True RMS Stick Multimeter w/ Backlight
  • ADA2 - Dual alligator clips
  • ASA2- Small alligator clips (pair)
  • AQK3 - Flame diode kit AQC2+AQP1
  • ADLS2 - Silicone Deluxe Test Leads
  • Velcro Stirp - Attaches ATB1 to pipe
  • ANC3 - Briefcase
  • ATA1 - Alligator clip
  • ATWB1 - Wet bulb temperature probe
  • ATC1 - Small pipe clamp thermocouple
  • ATB1 - Bead tip thermocouple
  • ACM3 - Carbon Monoxide accessory head
  • AMN2 - Manometer (pressure) accessory head
  • ARH4 - %RH, WB, dew pt., air temp accessory head
  • AVG2 - Vacuum gauge accessory head


1 Year from Date of Purchase (​excludes Consumables such as Filters, Gaskets, Leads, Batteries, Fuses, Sensors, Case etc)


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