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Fieldpiece Wireless 4-Port Manifold with ATC1 clamps SMAN440-Refrigerant Gauges-Fieldpiece-Cool Tools HVAC-R
Fieldpiece Wireless 4-Port Manifold with ATC1 clamps SMAN440-Refrigerant Gauges-Fieldpiece-Cool Tools HVAC-R
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Fieldpiece Wireless 4-Port Manifold with ATC1 Clamps - SMAN440 **Discontinued**

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Note: This product is out of stock. No Restock Date.

Go to: Fieldpiece Wireless 4-Valve Digital Manifold with Micron Gauge - SM480vINT


HVACR professionals can do more with the SMAN440 wireless 4-port digital manifold. This innovative digital manifold displays all the readings technicians need at one time, on a large, easy-to-read display: 2 pressures and 7 temperatures. So HVACR pros can view things like target superheat, and superheat and subcooling all at one time. Plus the wireless capabilities allow techs to make system adjustments while seeing in real-time how the changes are affecting the system.

The large 3/8" full bore manifold and VAC port can be used for quick recovery and evacuation. And the SMAN440 can send and receive wireless measurements for further diagnosis, data logging, and reporting.

Coupled with the JL2 Job Link Transmitter and the SDP2 Dual In-duct Psychrometer, you get all your readings in the Job Link App as well as pre- and post-work checklists, in-depth system diagnostics, report emailing, and cloud storage for all work completed.


  • Units of Measurement:
    - Psig, kPa, MPa, bar, inHg, and cmHg
  • Measures:
    - 2 Pressures
    - 2 Temperatures
  • Calculates:
    - Superheat
    - Subcooling
    - Target Superheat
    - Vapor Saturation
    - Liquid Saturation
  • Wireless Advantage
    - Receive indoor wet bulb and outdoor dry bulb measurements for live target superheat (additional instruments required).
    - Send measurements to Fieldpiece wireless system analyzers for diagnostics, data storage, and reporting.
    - Record electrical measurements from wireless clamp meters (SC460 and SC660) including SEER and EER
  • 4 Ports for One Time Hookup
    - Connect to high side, low side, vacuum pump, micron gauge, and recovery machine (or refrigerant tank). Then use the valves as needed to recover, evacuate and charge the system.
  • 3/8” Vacuum Port
    The large 3/8” vacuum port and 3/8” full bore speeds up evacuation and charging.
  • Display Designed for HVACR
    - Huge screen with the information you need.
    - No more cycling through temperatures.
    - Calculated and measured values all shown.
    - Expanded temperature tolerances allow for testing in refrigerators and on rooftops.
    - Rugged polycarbonate LCD cover.
    - Bright backlight.
  • Temperature Solutions
    - Pipe clamps grip tight for speed and accuracy.
    - External cal. pots for easy field calibration.
  • Reliable Regardless of Elevation
    - Absolute pressure sensors give you accurate readings at any elevation.
  • Lab Quality 2-Point Field Calibration
    - Calibrate pressure sensors to the known pressure of your refrigerant tank at a known temperature for high accuracy over the entire pressure range
  • And More
    - Front-facing hose seats limit dirt and grime entering your manifold
    - Sight glass to view refrigerant flow
    - 45 refrigerants listed in order of popularity
    - Receive free future product updates through Mini-USB port
    - Pipe clamp storage posts
    - Auto-Power-Off (APO)
    - NIST traceable
With All Measurements Shown At One Time
  • Faster evacuations with large 3/8" port
  • 9 readings on the screen all at once
  • Wireless measurements for real-time adjustments
  • 45 refrigerants with easy updates via mini USB connection
  • Live target superheat
  • Simultaneous superheat and subcooling


  • 4-port Digital Manifold - SMAN440
  • 2 Type-K Pipe Clamp Thermocouples - ATC1
  • Padded Carrying Case - ANC10
  • 6 AA Batteries


1 Year from Date of Purchase (​excludes Consumables such as Filters, Gaskets, Leads, Batteries, Fuses, Sensors, Case etc)


Buy with 100% confidence knowing your purchase is backed by the full Manufacturer's Warranty. Please register your product with provided warranty card.



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