Fieldpiece Mega Fieldpack HVAC Field Testing Kit HS36K40H



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Product Description

What's Included?

  • HS36 meter Kit with ACH4 Clamp Accessory
  • EHDL1 - Electronic Handle
  • HG2 – HVAC Guide
  • SMG5 – MegOhm meter
  • ADA2 – Shorting Cables with Alligator Clips
  • AQK3 - Flame Diode Kit
  • ANC3 - Briefcase Style Case
  • AAV3 - Air Velocity And Temperature Accessory Head
  • ACM4 - Carbon Monoxide Accessory Head
  • ADMN2 - Dual Port Manometer Accessory Head
  • ARH4 - Digital Psychrometer Accessory Head
  • ASX14 - Superheat And Subcooilng Accessory Head
  • ATIR3 – Infrared Temperature Accessory head
  • AVG2 - Vacuum Accessory Head
  • PLM2 – Extension mirror with LED light
  • PMG2 – Extension magnet with LED Light

This kit has just about everything Fieldpiece has to offer, and includes not only the top of the line stick Digital Multimeter (model HS36), but also the award winning HVAC System Analyser (model HG2) and all of the heads and accessories you need.

This pack has been especially designed for HVAC/R field service. The Fieldpiece HS36K40 is THE ultimate air conditioning and refrigeration test and measurement kit. There is nothing else like it.

It is possible for the user to measure just about any parameter when installing, servicing, troubleshooting and commissioning a HVAC/R system. If you add the DL3 logger to the kit, then it is also possible to not only measure but data log any of the parameters measured by the Fieldpiece accessory heads.

With this kit you will be able to log vacuum levels overnight in a system with the vacuum pump running. This kit can measure temperatures, gas and air pressures, CO levels, current, voltage, superheat, subcooling, air velocity and flow, vacuum, and humidity.

Put all the parameters into the HG2 and analyse system performance or use the CheckMe function to suggest performance issues to report back to the customer.


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