FieldPiece Job Link Wireless App Transmitter - JL2



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Inspect, Connect, Report

Live Measurements and Reports on Your Mobile Device

  • Trusted, In-depth diagnostics
  • Reports include before and after inspection checklists
  • Cloud storage for reports and data
  • Easily email reports to customer and office

With the JL2 Transmitter and the Job LinkTM App, you can start running your jobs through your mobile device. Fill out inspection checklists, view live measurements, gather in-depth diagnostics, and adjust systems to live data. All reports can be emailed to customers and office, as well as saved in the cloud for access at anytime. Plus:

  • Live system capacity – Manual input for elevation and CFM empowers Job Link to calculate live system capacity (BTUs) in the app with the Fieldpiece SDP2.
  • Evacuation mode – Don’t be tethered to the vacuum pump! Monitor your vacuum levels from the within the app. Log how low you pulled a vacuum and document it in the Job Link report.
  • Job Link Report Builder - Customize your Job Link reports by adding or removing Inspection Checklists, Measurements, and Photos and Notes. Add your company logo as well!

  • Individual tool detailed screens – In the live measurement screen, simply tap on the SDP2 measurements to see them all.

  • New equipment and unit types added – You now have more options to select the equipment types you encounter in the field. Plus, the inspection checklists will be catered to the equipment type selected.

  • Photo and notes - Add to job details for reference when communicating with customers and the office, as well as on future calls.

The JL2 Transmitter receives measurements from any Fieldpiece wireless manifold (SMAN4, SMAN440, SMAN460) and the Fieldpiece wireless dual in-duct psychrometer (SDP2) via radio frequency for extra distance - up to 100' from instrument to phone. Then the JL2 transmitter converts all live measurements and data to bluetooth connection with your mobile device.

The Job LinkTM Mobile App reports measurments in real-time from all these instruments:

  • SMAN Wireless Digital Manifolds (SMAN4, SMAN440, SMAN460)
    • Suction Line
      • Temperature
      • Pressure
      • Actual Superheat
      • Target Superheat
      • Vapor Saturation
      • Outdoor Dry Bulb
    • Liquid Line
      • Temperature
      • Pressure
      • Actual Subcooling
      • Target Subcooling
      • Liquid Saturation
    • Refrigerant Type
  • SDP2 Dual In-duct Wireless Psychrometer
    • Return Air
      • Wet Bulb Temperature
      • Dry Bulb Temperature
    • Supply Air
      • Target Dry Bulb Temperature
      • Dry Bulb Temperature
  • SC460 and SC660 Wireless Clamp Meters
    • Send and Save Electrical Measurements in Job Link Reports
    • Calculate Power (kW) and System Efficiency (EER and SEER)
      • Deeper understanding of system performance in real world conditions
      • Document and report measurements

Currently works with iOS and Android Devices: iPhone 4S or newer, and iPad 3, mini, and Air. Android operating systems 4.4.4 or higher.

Whats Included?

  • Steel Belt Clip
  • 3.7VDC Rechareable Battery via Mini USB Port
  • USB Charging Cable


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