Fieldpiece Fully Loaded Fieldpack HS36K35HG


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Fieldpiece Fully Loaded Fieldpack HS36K35HG

Whats Included?

  • HG3 - System Analyser with optical cable & software
  • EHDL1 - Electronic Handle
  • ASA2 - Small Leads with Alligator Clips
  • HS36 - Auto Ranging Stick Meter
  • AQK3 - Flame Diode Lead Kit
  • ANC3 - Briefcase Style Case
  • ATA1 - Thermocouple With Alligator Clip
  • ATWB1 - Wet Bulb Sock Thermocouple
  • ATC1 - Small Pipe Clamp Thermocouple
  • AAV3 - Air Velocity And Temperature Accessory Head
  • ACH4 - 400AAC Current Clamp Accessory Head
  • ACM4 - Carbon Monoxide Accessory Head
  • ADMN2 - Dual Port Manometer Accessory Head
  • ARH4 - Digital Psychrometer Accessory Head
  • ASX14 - Superheat And Subcooilng Accessory Head
  • SMG5 - Megohm Meter
  • AVG2 - Vacuum Accessory Head
  • AVH1 - Voltage Accessory Head
  • ADA2 - Dual Leads with Alligator Clips
  • ATIR3 - Infrared Temperature Accessory Head
  • PLM2 - Extension Mirror With LED Light
  • PMG2 - Extension Magnet With LED Light

The HS36K35G  has virtually every test you need to diagnose, maintain and install HVAC/R systems.

Fully loaded Fieldpack. This one has it all, yet weighs only four Kilos. The big briefcase has plenty of room for additional paperwork and hand tools.

It includes the top stick Digital Multimeter, a data logger which can turn any accessory head into a logging unit for virtually any parameter and record up to 20,000 points, a megger, vacuum gauge, real time superheat and subcooling, CO and so on. 

It includes an electronic handle to turn all of the accessory heads into standalone units. This all comes packaged in the ANC3 briefcase style bag thats easy to carry over your shoulder. Its not hard to see why this is the ultimate kit and what every serious technician should have in there service vehicle. 

It's still one of the best assortments of HVAC/R test instruments Fieldpiece has to offer. 

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