160 Amp AC ARC Welder - 60-160A Range

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General Description

This useful tool can be used to efficiently and precisely melt metals at the point of welding by creating an electric arc between an electrode and base material. This yellow welder uses an AC current with a rated output of 160A and a welding current range of 60-160amps. This is a fully portable welder with an ergonomically designed handle that allows for convenient carrying. It uses a power voltage of 110/220V and features an electrode diameter of 1.6-3.2mm. Along with the welder itself, this purchase comes with a number of useful accessories that allows you to get to work straight away. These include an earth clamp, electrode holder, mask and a brush.


Technical Details

Rated Output Current(A): 160
Power Voltage(V): 110/220
Rated Duty Cycle(%): 10
Rated Input Capacity(KVA): 8
Current Range(A): 60-160
Electrode Diameter(MM): 1.6-3.2
G/N Weight(KG): 18/17
Measurement(mm): 470 x 240 x 320
accessories: Earth Clamp, electrode holder, mask, brush

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