System Control Engineering

System Control Engineering (SCE) is known for its uniqueness in the HVAC/R industry. It made a noise by offering the most comprehensive range of global brand components together with related consumables, tools, test and measurement products. In addition, System Control Engineering has been an industry leader for 50 years. It is not only limited to Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration industries but also the gas and electrical appliance spares.

Leading brands include:

  • Kromschroder
  • Whiterodgers
  • Bacharach
  • Beckett
  • Brahma
  • Dormont
  • Eclipse
  • Ecoflam
  • EGO
  • Eliwell
  • Goyen
  • Itap
  • Jeavons
  • Madas
  • Polidoro
  • RAM
  • Robertshaw
  • Technocontrols
  • Paragon
  • RCG
  • Riello
  • Ranco
  • Seitron
  • SKY
  • Staiger
  • Siemens controls
  • REGO regulators
  • TOD controls

SCE products are distributed through their national network of tradesman warehouses and selected resellers.

With their continued investment in new products and innovative technologies, SCE will continue to offer the very best quality in product, availability, technical support, and service.


What Makes SCE an Industry Leader?

Cost-Effective, But Not Cheap

A well-balanced budget is a priority of every household. Homeowners and companies would find ways to cut as much as they can on unnecessary things. On the other hand, wise home and company owners also know that as much as they want to save, they must also consider the cost of buying low-quality products. They know that the money they saved from a cheap HVAC installation can mean money lost on repair, maintenance, and high energy bills.

System control engineering offers a variety of quality products on reasonable prices. Not the cheapest in the market but they assure you of long-lasting durable selections. They also have products on the expensive end but surely those products also offer more features justifying its price. The point is that if you start your search on the cheapest bidder, you’re in for a bad time. Choose among the normal to expensive price range. For the trouble it saves you, it’s worth every penny.


Good Reputation

A good reputation is one of the main factors why a company is considered good in its industry. Reputation is not only built through time but with consistency and continuous improvement showing its dedication to its products. You can start by looking for reviews and recommendations oh HVAC/R technicians and surely you wouldn’t miss the name of System Control Engineering.


Seasoned Experts

The length of existence of the company in an industry matter. It takes time to master anything from passion to career. HVAC/R industry requires expertise especially when technicians go to the field. Technicians won’t be depending on tools that haven’t been tested yet. The outcome of their jobs greatly depends on the ability of their tools. They don’t experiment on-site — they have standard procedures. Surely, 50 years of experience of System Control Engineering is not a small thing.


Sells Only Quality Products

The good thing about equipment, in general, is objectivity. Performance is measurable. You can’t be subjective about the energy efficiency and longevity of an equipment. So, if you do a little research, there will be a consensus about what the best equipment is.