In the world of information technology, the public is now more knowledgeable and updated about the general condition of our planet, Earth. Global warming has been one of the biggest challenges of the human race for decades now. For the first month of 2020, a lot has happened and unfortunately many are causes of sadness. Companies like Kenelec give more than hope but solutions to scientific and environmental problems.


What is Kenelec? 

Here is what you need to know about the leading scientific and environmental technology company in Australia, Kenelec.

  • They are mainly based in Melbourne with distributors throughout Australia and New Zealand.  It was established in 1962, making it a well-experienced and credible company in its field.
  • They have complied with international standards in terms of quality management system.
  • Since 2003 they have been certified to ISO 9001 Quality for the design and development, sale, supply, rental, and servicing of scientific instruments throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific Region.
  • Since 2008 they have been certified to ISO 17025 Laboratories for Particle Counter and Vane Anemometer Calibration.
  • Over 50 years experience with reputable strengths in Mining, Occupational Health and Safety, HVAC&R, Pharmaceutical, and Environmental industries
  • Over 45 years of representing TSI Incorporated in Australia and New Zealand; a globally recognized company at the forefront of instrumentation for environmental monitoring, particle analysis, and other advanced scientific fields
  • NATA-accredited to perform Particle Counter and Vane Anemometer calibrations.
  • Long-standing affiliations with key areas of research, government, corporate and university sectors.
  • Success in environmental monitoring and wireless monitoring capabilities.
  • Experienced technical sales engineers with in-depth product knowledge and a strong understanding of customers’ needs. Providers of both off-the-shelf equipment and custom monitoring systems.


Services and Products

Kenelec Scientific supports a variety of different markets and industries with expertise in the following areas:

  • Diesel Particulate Matter & Silica Monitoring
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Quantitative Fit Testing
  • Flow Instruments
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • FMS & Cleanroom Monitoring
  • Hospital Monitoring
  • HVAC&R
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • and many more


Kenelec Scientific provides a wide range of scientific and environmental solutions, with highly trained and experienced employees. They are proud of their state-of-the-art laboratories that could cater to popular laboratory services. They also have professionals to assist in design and installation while ongoing maintenance is also available.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems are not just a primary consumer of energy in the world today but can greatly affect the operating cost of your business. In addition, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) cannot only have a big impact on the health and comfort of indoor workers but to every precious individual in general. To ensure the good quality of indoor air, Kenelec Scientific offers a range of ventilation test equipment and air quality monitoring options.

Kenelec upholds the value of understanding the need of their clients and provide off the shelf or adapted in-house solutions to suit each project. They take reputation for integrity and ethical business practices seriously. These values have helped them excel in the HVACR industry for decades.