The secrets to a perfectly functioning HVAC or refrigeration system are periodic cleaning and maintenance. Certain DIY chores prolong your air-conditioner's efficiency, and cleaning or washing the filters is one of them. But for other symptoms like reduced airflow, increased energy bills, leaks, strange noises or smells, and inefficient cooling, it's high time to clean the evaporator coil to get rid of dirt, dust, moulds, and other debris. 

                Cooltools HVAC-R is home to an innovative set of cleaning and preventive maintenance kits for any HVAC and refrigeration system. We feature the Hydrocell A/C cleaning kit specifically designed for the effortless cleaning of split-type air conditioners for both home and commercial applications. It comes with the very popular Hydrobag (designed in Australia, of course!) to capture dirt and grime, while the included portable pressure washer allows you to clean split-type A/C units from any location, even when there's no tap nearby!

                We admit, cleaning the A/C is best left to professionals. If the budget is tight, Cooltools offers a DIY cleaning kit that comes with everything you need to safely clean your home split-type A/C without dismantling the entire unit. Our AIRCONcare cleaning kit features a super-detergent cleaning solution that instantly dissolves that black gunk in the evaporator coils. The kit also comes with a wash bag and a long nose sprayer to finish the job in half the time. 

                Cooltools HVAC-R offers competitive pricing and fast delivery to A/C cleaning accessories like spray nozzles, wall charges, spare power pack which can also be used as a torch, and the best HVAC cleaning chemicals on this side of the continent. Remember that a clean A/C or refrigeration unit is the easiest way to save on energy bills while keeping cool during the hottest summer months.

                Cleaning & Preventative Maintenance

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